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PHOTOS - Frontera Cocina unveils limited-time 'Taste of Mexico City'


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I liked FC. They made a big deal over their secret hot sauce. It was habnero and they didn't think a gringo could handle it but it was spicy and flavorful on my carnitas. I ate it all! Recommended.


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One of my favorite restaurants at WDW. We all order our own guac appetizer. That margarita looks delicious.


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Having spent 6 months in Mexico City last year - the only thing that is close to it is the little boat for Xochimilco - which is frightening because folks pull up to your boat in a smaller wooden boat with a propane tank and frying and cooking items. The entire time I kept watching in amazement that people would cook on a tiny little wood boat. It was delicious though. I ate at the street markets and many of the restaurants. The food is incredible in Mexico City and extremely fresh. Never saw flan like that before. They also use a lot of habanero for the pepper, not serrano. Where is the horchata or tamarind drinks. Where are the tamales in banana leaves and the pezole. mmmmmm. I even had a taco with sesos (brain). Those are the flavors I had when spending half of 2018 there. It was so good and I miss the food.
Just my two cents worth.


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Rick has a Michelin Star and a few bibs his other ventures for https://www.viamichelin.com/web/Restaurant/Chicago-60654-Topolobampo-2v2rrtcl. Personally the guide needs to go to CDMX pronto

ps has anyone being to Allina in Chicago?
I've never heard of Allina.... I've heard and have eaten at Alinea before and it was outstanding. I still like 11 Madion better, but Since you didn't like my review of Capa, you may want to take it with a grain of salt...
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