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PHOTOS - Construction walls now block of the back section of Streets of America


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Two things:
  1. I see what everyone is talking about as far as SWL being placed directly next to TSL as opposed to Echo Lake/Indi based on the new construction wall image. However, considering the location of StarTours, wouldn't that essentially place Muppet Courtyard (something we believe to be surviving the reboot) on an awkward island of sorts?
  2. The construction walls use the phrase "Adventure is Near." Could this be hinting at the reimagined parks branding/name? I know Disney's Florida Adventure has come up, however this name doesn't make sense to me as California Adventure has a California focus. I don't think they are planning a Florida-focused park, considering Disney Springs reboot. But I do think they are hinting at adventure-something; perhaps Disney's Hollywood Adventure or Disney's Adventureland?
Disney's Hollywood Adventure makes the most sense. There's Hollywood (Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard) and there's Adventures (Star Wars Land, Toy Story Land).


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Hollywood Adventure sounds terrible, as does Cinemagic Kingdom. Cinematic Adventure is weak, but decent enough.


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Photo update as of Friday, April 8. Here is the new concept art installed on the construction walls surrounding Streets of America. Three of these are now installed, all the same. Two in the Muppets Courtyard, and one next to The Writer's Stop.


As reported elsewhere, the Premiere Theater is gone now. The below photo shows the location, but you are viewing the structure for Streets of America in the background.

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They could go with, "Disney's Islands of Adventure" given the possible layouts we may see for a while! Oops! Turn around, another dead end!


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Funnily enough, they were built complete. The facades were removed in 2005 when LMA opened. Though I don't know why.
If I was told (and remember) correctly, the facade needed some refurbishment, and since the park was no longer being used for filming, they simply removed what needed work. They were built complete. Each corner had a different look for filming, which is a common backlot design.
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The Bungalows. Originally planned as production support space but ended up being just office space.
The production bungalows were actually used as production offices for the early years before being transferred back to the park for office space. MMC, Thunder in Paradise, Passenger 57 and others used the production space while the studio was a working studio through the mid-90s. The satellite dishes were linked to the uplink facility and used by Disney, the Post Group and FL Animation. Broadcast Operations and Production Services survived from 1988 through 2006 as part of the original soundstage facilities, until the stages were gutted for TSMM and the control rooms, dressing rooms and offices were removed.


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I think this may just be an updated map to show what's currently open not what it will look like after the demoing
Well its walled off that area maybe just being used temporally for storage for construction crews and maybe for busy times they will reopen that section for crowds im not sure just going off whats possibly but they did remove everything thats getting demoed so far.

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