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Photopass opinions


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The quality of the photographers vastly differs. Some are excellent and know what they're doing. Most are just button pushers who just dont know what theyre doing and dont care.

I have found I can tell who will take good pictures or not just by their attitude. I've had M&G photographers get down on there stomachs on the floor to get good shots of my kids, They are happy, smiling etc. Then others who just look miserable. They take less pictures and they tend to be worse pictures. We had a horrible one at the McQueen and Mater M&G in California. I just knew they didn't care as they were taking the shots and the pictures show it.


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I have this old software called PhotoShow by Simplestar (Roxio owns it now). You can put pictures (and up to 10 second video clips) into a slide show with background music, clip art (some animated) and borders and then burn into on a DVD. I keep thinking Disney should offer this type of software for purchase with Disney borders, music and clip art. I've never used photopass but wish I had when my kids were young. Next trip they'll be 18 and 23, so I doubt they'd want to pose for any pictures.


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I used to be a photopass photographer and everything everyone said is correct. There are great photographers and ones that don't care. Therefore, you get great photos and ones that need work. Always give the photographer your camera and a photopass card. PP is a great back up in case something goes wrong with your camera and the reverse is true as well. Photopass isn't in all locations or with all characters, so you want your camera. In terms of character photography, I have spent hours and hours and hours with that character. I know exactly if and when they will hug or kiss a child and I will be ready to capture it. You might not. Is it worth it to pre purchase it? That is up to you.


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what all is included in the price for photopass+ ? does that include the photopass cd or do you have to purchase that seperately?
Yes that includes the price of a Photopass CD (which by itself is $169 so it's kind of a "duh" for me on value). It also includes a print (and digital) copy of any restaurant photos (the package they come to your table and try to sell you) as well as a digital download and digital copy (on the CD) of every ride photo (which by themselves are $15-$30 a piece). Was a huge value to us at least.

Using Photopass would, unfortunately, not cure me of this problem - I want to take my own photos throughout the day too much! LOL
I did pretty good... I brought out the camera when my DH was taking a smoke break (because there was nothing better to do) or when he and DS6 were doing something together and that was pretty much it. The only exceptions were few and far between. :D


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When I understood that it was free to pose and get the Photopass card, my husband and I posed for about 10 shots at various locations over our 4-day trip. When we got home I bought 4 of the photos, with some Disney graphics I added online, and we love them and thought they were worth the expense. While I personally would never buy a pre-paid Photopass package, having the option for a good photographer (and some are clearly better than others) to take a photo of the two of us with a quality camera, rather than relying on strangers using our unfamiliar camera, was worth taking the time to pose. Since it's free to review your photos, and you can experiment with the graphic and borders, with no obligation to buy, I think the Photopass card is a good option.


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We get the photopass +. We love it plus we take our own camera. I guess its just what you want to spend. I love getting the ride photos. I know last year was the first time I could get my son on dinosaurs. Im glad a had purchased pp+ so I have that memory of him on it.


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DL Photopass is much cheaper than WDW which in my opinion is way overpriced. I also am not happy that on the larger packages there is no discount for annual passholders at any park.

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