PhotoPass introduces new animated Magic Shots with Memory Maker package


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Am I going to be the only one that does not like it?
It just seems odd to me. The only way I see it working is if you have your pictures run on your computer. However, I am getting the Memory Maker for our upcoming trip and it is easy to ignore, so I will not complain about it if these appear on my account.
We actually had some of these when we were there in September. At Epcot, Mike W tried to jump into frame in our picture and in DHS Olaf was breakdancing. They're cute. For Epcot, we also had copies of the same pictures with no animation/no character and no animation but with Mike at the bottom of the frame. For DHS we also had stils with Olaf there. Not knowing these existed, I was surprised when I watched them and it made me smile. They're not much use beyond that, but it was fun.


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Lol, my mind was thinking of a different kind of magic shots:p Although the kind I'm thinking of would also be profitable to the company as well.

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