News PhotoPass at some character locations being replaced by automated cameras


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I’ve heard from a few sources that PhotoPass photographers are going to be taken out from character locations in favour of automated cameras due to( you guessed it!) budget cuts. Apparently it’s supposed to start with Tinker Bell on the 26th/27th.

I know it’s still just a rumor at this point, but I’ll be quite saddened to see this happen. I personally don’t use the photopass system, but it’s such a shame that this would have to go because of these budget cuts.

Any thoughts?

Johnny Hess

I just saw a picture of a M&G from one of these cameras and they look terrible.
I won't attend any M&G that uses these unless another employee is there to also take a picture with my phone.


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runDisney has occasionally experimented with not having PhotoPass at some character stops, and having the character attendants insist that you can't hand them your camera/phone. It inevitably ends up in a flustercluck of people handing their device off to the person behind the in the queue, and repeating that process down the line. It significantly slows the process down, thus reducing capacity, as everybody fumbles with their devices and stops to check the pictures, rather than a simple click-and-go.

If (when) a similar trend pops up at the in-park photo ops, perhaps they'll rethink this decision. Meet & greets are atrociously low capacity for the staffing required, and having live photographers significantly speeds things up, even if it is another person on the payroll. Plus, I always heard that PhotoPass CMs were easy additions, as they are seen as a method of monetizing a location; nobody is going to pay extra for a garbage photo from a glorified photo booth camera


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I never would have believed they would remove Photopass entirely from princess meet and greets at DL, but they did. Quite a while ago. So no problem believing they would make this move at WDW.

It will take some time for guests to realize how they are getting so much less for their money, but will eventually start selling fewer Memory Maker add ons. No problem though. APs already have it built in. They can just add it on to other tickets at the next increase to force purchase.

erasure fan1

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I wonder how long before they remove the characters themselves and just have a photobooth with cardboard cutouts. Or maybe they'll splurge and replace them with animatronics.
No no no. The answer is augmented reality. People already are attached to their phones. So with AR they just point it at their kid and BAM! memories for a lifetime.


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What makes you say that?
Because I didn’t think even Disney would stoop this low and go this cheap. This is literally the last straw for me. I won’t be renewing my AP and the vacation we have planned will be our last. If they can’t fork over $8 an hour to have a real person take a decent picture when I’m paying $20 for a meal that is worse than McDonalds, I’m done.
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