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Just wanted to share some photos and thought on our trip two weeks back. We had a blast! Thanks for reading

FYI - Joffrey's (coffee debate! :eek:) = Good...but it's no Starbucks ;)


The park is looking great for the most part. Lots of small refurbs/painting/paving going on. Always a good sign.

Spent a lot of time in Adventureland since this was the first visit with our 11 month old baby boy and we can do a lot together there. I never noticed how fond I was of Adventureland until this trip. The classics (Pirates, Tiki Room, Jungle cruise etc) never disappoint. I'm still discovering new corners and hidden details in that land. The dole whip swirl with orange is a-friggin-mazing.

Liberty square a lot like Adventureland in that I'm still discovering new hidden details and alleys and such. I, like many, haven't given this land it's fair share of props. No more.

New Fantasyland and Storybood Circus are very pleasing on the eye but it all feels incomplete with the mine coaster still under construction. I wish it would have all debuted at the same time. For what it's worth, my wife (non Disney geek) thinks Storytime with Belle is a genius concept and left with a huge smile on her face. There's definitely a market for these type of attractions. I also really like Big Top Souvenirs and train station in the Storybook Circus. Very well done IMO.

With the exceptiong of Buzz, Tomorrowland looks to be in pretty good shape on the outside but there's a lot of prime real estate that they can use to give the land some new life (Stitch and Monsters Inc Laugh Floor). Those two attraction arent' very popular and could draw large numbers if replaced with something better.

Also, It'd been a while since I rode Space at MK. I found myself impressed with it all over agian. Prior to this visit I thought DL's was superior hands down. Now I call it a draw. The ride may be rougher but it's not as rough as I once remembered it. The track layout is more intersting as well. Throw in the superior pre and post show and you've got an overall experience that may give it the edge.

I love the People Mover. Can't emphasize this enough. They've made some improvement to it since our last visit and we just love it. The People Mover rules.

Frontierland is a gem. Big Thunder Mountian is better than ever since it's refurb/queue enhancements and the recent Splash refurb is a success. Frontierland is one of those lands where I just like to sit at night and soak in the area music and people watch. But it's a problem when you need to get to Big Thunder or Splash and the parade is going on.

Main Street looks fantastic and I just have to mention how much I enjoy the area underneath the train station. It really transports me to that time period.















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This park is what I miss most when I'm out in Anaheim. There is just so much to see and you can visit 30 times and always be like "I've never seen that before."

You can't say enough about the food options. For everyone who says Epcot has the best food of all the theme parks in the world, I believe you.

Flower and Garden Festival is very pretty. We've only been to Epcot once when it hasn't been F&GF so I really don't know what Epcot is like without the beautiful topiaries everywhere. I can't really comment on the new food booths very much since all we got is some Pineapple upside down cake from the all things Pineapple booth (forget the name). My wife said it was just "okay" and very small given the price.

There was the unfortunate time where we saw what looked to be a 17 year old girl drunk and raving by herself infront of a crowd while Mo'Rockin was playing. She may have been a young looking 21 but I just wasn't feelin' it. I've heard of folks getting hammered at Epcot but I've never seen it until now and call me crazy, it was uncomfortable.

Epcot is great since most of the attractions cater to families with small children.

The new Test Track is pretty cool. I'm not totally convinced that I like it more that the original but I can't say it's bad at all. Went on it twice so maybe a third time would have converted me. I did enjoy it much more the second time. I walked on using the single rider line.

American Adventure is still and epic attraction though the temptation to fall asleep somewhere in the middle is ever present. Looked in good shape too.

The new expanded bakery in France is a new favorite of ours. So good.

We noticed a lot more streetmosphere during this visit. Maybe we just weren't paying attention before.














This park has a level of detail that is spectacular. Say what you will about it's attractions or lack thereof. Nobody can question the quality of what's there already. It's a couple of E-tickets and a few minor attractions away from being an absolutely amazing theme park. Whether it's Avatar or something else, Animal Kingdom isn't that far off from truly being something special.

FWIW, Dinosaur continues to get "oohs and ahhhs" from it's riders. I heard plenty of riders behind me saying "That was awesome" and "Wasn't that aweseome?" "Yeah".

Everest is still tons of fun even with Disco Yeti.

This may be a "half day" park but it's as great a half day as you'll have anywhere in WDW.

Oh, and we love Flametree BBQ. Great spot.










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I have a real soft spot for this park. It had been a couple years since my last visit to DHS (first since I've seen the completed DCA 2.0) and even though I knew about it, I was surprised with the amount of common DNA the studios shares with California adventure. Carthay? Check. Red Car trolleys? Keep your eyes peeled, they're there. Old Los Angeles and Hollywood? Check. And we all know about the attractions they share in common. Like Animal Kingdom, DHS isn't too far away from being a gem in the Disney park portfolio worldwide. Just takes some effort. Hope it gets it.

We loved getting breakfast at Starring Rolls on the two morning we were there. The caramel cappuchinos we had were the best in all of the parks according the the wifey. I can't say I disagree. The danish and croissants are awesome as well.

I love Rockin' Rollercoaster. How much? I haven't enjoyed an attraction this much since I got off of Radiator Springs Racers back in December. Like I said, it had been a few years so maybe distance made the heart grow fonder but I was all smiles getting off. I seriously had more fun on this ride than anything else at WDW. Don't sleep on Rockin' Rolleroaster. I love the queue. I love the alley/parking garage just prior to loading. The music on board...just awesome. And there is nothing wrong with using cutouts and black lights for this attraction. It's a classic and successful recipe.

Tower of Terror is tons of fun as well. So well done throughout. From walking up to the attraction to leaving through the hotel gift shop. A gem.

Love the detail on Hollywood and Sunset blvd.'s. Old Hollywood is just such a great theme for a park. They just need to spread it out a bit more IMO.







I have more photos I may put up in the future. Feel free to ask questions if you have any. Again, thanks for checking it out.

Oh...and Downtown Disney continues to draw large crowds so Disney Springs, without a doubt, is gonna be a hit. Can I lobby for Ghirardelli and Earl of Sandwich to get expansions and/or second levels? Those two spots are ubber popular and favorites of ours plus they're packed any day and anytime you visit. Just sayin...



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I loved reading your report! You pictures were so great. The angles in some of them really made me see the parks in new ways ;)


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Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I just got a fancy camera and practice on EVERYTHING and will hopefully get as good as you one day! Thank you for sharing!


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I totally LOVE your pics! You got some great shots there, plus your descriptions of the parks were awesome and very well written! Great job!


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Great pictures!

The pictures are amazing! Especially your MK pictures. Thanks for sharing.

I loved reading your report! You pictures were so great. The angles in some of them really made me see the parks in new ways ;)

Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I just got a fancy camera and practice on EVERYTHING and will hopefully get as good as you one day! Thank you for sharing!

Thanks EVERYONE for your positive feedback. As for taking nice photos and getting new angles, sometimes you just gotta zoom in and tilt the camera a bit and be creative. And make sure you have plenty of light. Evening/nightime photography is very tricky. I'm still getting my feet wet and learning as well.



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My last trip was 20 minutes ago. Damn cat.
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Just have to say two things.
1. Your photo's are amazing and you have an eye for a great shot.
2. Have to disagree on the coffee .. Prefer Joffreys to starbucks :D

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