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Phineas+ Ferb


New Member
I hope that they come to the parks...this is actually one of the shows that I don't mind on the Disney channel


Well-Known Member
I guess I am out of touch, as I do not know who Phineas and Ferb are. :shrug:


There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation, 'Til school comes around just to end it...

Doesn't sound familiar? The show is on Disney Channel and Disney XD daily... probably on ABC kids soon as well if not already.


New Member
Wow! I am glad that Phineas and Ferb will be there for Character Meet and greets at both Disney World and Disneyland. I am having high hopes to go back to Disney World and meet them there. Way to go above and beyond!


Well-Known Member
It's probably very sad...but this gets me more excited than hearing about new park attractions!

They do look slightly creepy...but that's absolutely how I think they should look.

Hope there is a Meet and Greet, and I hope Perry is there too!


Well-Known Member
"MOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!...Phineas and Ferb are doing a meet and greet at Disney's Hollywood Studios!!!!"............

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