Peter Pan's Flight vs Pirates of the Caribbean

Which is the better ride?

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Had to go with pirates on this one. Pan is such a classic but over so quick. If we can't do it first thing in the morning, we skip it. I don't mind a line but imo pan ain't worth it.
Pirates is a must do for us. Not a fan of the Depp though. I remember as a kid just being in awe of how life like the AAs looked and getting grossed out by the one's foot as you go under the bridge. The song gets stuck in my bead more than small world.


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PotC. So much more to see, much more thrilling and entertaining. Even with the changes... Depp character, red head gone, etc. ... it still is one of my top favs. Every ride through I spot some small detail I overlooked before. PotC was THE ride I dreamt of doing as a child if I ever had the opportunity to make it to WDW. On my first trip it was the attraction I headed for first and it set up my love for Disney.


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It's a tough one, because I love both attractions. I love waving good-bye to Nana and flying over London, but it's such a short ride and somehow, being on water feels more immersive than "flying" on a track. Yes, I dislike the PotC changes as much as the next person, but it's still a really enjoyable attraction and you don't feel like you're done right after you got on.


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Both good, but Pirates has a lot more going on.

Sidenote, anyone play the Sea of Thieves - Disney POTC Jack Sparrow crossover? It was kinda fun playing a character inside the attraction!


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Definitely Pirates, but... before all the changes we used to always rope drop Peter Pan, then Pooh to get them out of the way (and I refuse to wait in any kind of line for them) and we Fast Passed the mine train. We could usually knock out all of Fantasyland before 10:00. I will miss those days.


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Of course, you're comparing these rides from Magic Kingdom. Pirates at Disneyland is better than 'em all and it's a Disney original!
Alice in Wonderland at D'Land is better than Pooh (That doesn't sound right, does it?)


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I can't decide between the two. Nope. You can't make me!

Honestly I keep trying but I feel if I pick one then they will "know" next time I go!

OK fine...I guess Pan because its always the first ride we go on.


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As of right now, the score is 43 to 4, in favor of Pirates of the Caribbean, and I'm surprised it's that close.

Peter Pan is a cute ride, and I enjoy riding it, but Pirates of the Caribbean is an absolute masterpiece. The complexity of the scenes, the music, the effects, costuming, sounds, etc. There's just no comparison.


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I picked PotC. Both could maybe use a little updating.

Not unpopular changes, but the dog and pirates in the jail scene depicted above look pretty tired. It would be good if they were kept (more or less) the same appearance, just a little more modern animatronic technology.

I'd also welcome a replacement for the tin foil volcano in Peter Pan.


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Pirates! It's my second fave ride in MK (after Haunted Mansion) and one of my favorite Disney rides overall.

Peter Pan is so cute but it's so short. I love how slow Pirates is so you can really take in the scenery. Plus the little drop is fun!

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