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Peter Pan 2


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I was in my local disney store and they are running ads for Peter Pan 2. The premise is that Hook comes and kidnaps Wendy's daughter and takes her to Never Land. Not much else is given away. I want to go again to the store and see the ad. I'll bring back more details soon. But this is NOT a rumor.....they were advertising it on the big screen.


I think the name is just "Return to Neverland" I don't think there is any "Peter Pan 2" included, but I could be wrong.


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Wow! My 7 year old daughter is going to be really excited when she hears this! She LOVES Peter Pan.


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The movie was originally planned for direct to video but Disney was so proud of it ($$$$$$) they decided to release it to theaters.


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I just saw the trailer for this on the big screen before Monsters, Inc. I hope it is good - after all, as you may have been able to guess, I love Peter Pan.:animwink:


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I saw the trailer before Monsters, Inc. also and can't wait to see it. I also love Peter Pan (and Tink)!! Can't wait to see it!!:sohappy:


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Originally posted by Tink
I just saw the trailer for this on the big screen before Monsters, Inc. I hope it is good - after all, as you may have been able to guess, I love Peter Pan.:animwink:

Yes, I saw the preview for it, too and Disney seems to be taking the safe route by not officially calling it a sequel. That way they don't have to worry about what it will do to the original if it isn't well received by audiences. They state that it "stars" Peter Pan... It seems to me that their sequels to animated features have not really been all that hot. Apparently Disney knows this, too, since they have all been direct to video releases. Unlike the Little Mermaid 2 and Lady & The Tramp 2 that took a less classic spin by using more modern lingo and attitudes on the characters parts, this one seems as though it will carry the theme of the classic more closely which for me is a welcome move on Disney's part. I've heard rumors of a sequel or continuation of Cinderella as well. I certainly hope that this whole sequel thing doesn't become a major trend on Disney's part... I've gotten a little tired of the whole sequel trend in Hollywood over the past few years all the way around. I mean, some movies lend themselves to a sequel and that's fine but now, it seems like any movie that does well is destined for a sequel even if the original didn't leave a hole for it. Shreck is the perfect example. It ended with the whole happily ever after thing but they began planning for part 2 as soon as they saw the first one was a success. It seems like they think it's ok to crank out sequels as long as someone (anyone) is willing to go see them. It's a shame that Hollywood is so unimaginative these days that the only way they seem to be able to get people into a theatre is by adapting an already well received story from another medium (book, television, comic) or by making a sequel. [action:] MrPromey steps down off his soap box :D


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most sequels are enormously profitable, but cheapen the brand. if peter pan 2 isn't good or better than the original, it will minimize the goodwill built up by the original.

disney's track record here is as spotty as 102 dalmations. in fact, outside of toy story 2, i can't think of any disney sequel that did really great. rather, most were disappointments. that said, most fans of the original will be suckered into buying or renting the sequel no matter how bad it is.

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