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News Permits 2019


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A few notes about the purpose of this thread...

Despite the name, this thread actually lists Notices of Commencement (NOCs) for construction projects around the WDW property. A NOC is a document that must be filed before work on a specific project can begin and is usually filed shortly before work starts. It's main purpose is to assure that contractors get paid on time once the work is complete. NOCs will sometimes have an explicit expiration date, but most of the time a date is not specified in which case they expire one year from the filing date.

The documents generally don't contain much information. They will list the location where the work is being done, for example the name of a ride or store. They also show a description of the work being done which is normally very vague, for example "Electrical" or "Construction". Some of the NOCs I post will just say "BVCC". This stands for Buena Vista Construction Company which is Disney's internal construction company. The work description on BVCC permits is almost always the very vague "Provide labor, material and/or electrical for construction".

Unlike previous years, I have stopped posting every permit since most do not contain any useful information. When I do find interesting permits I will post them here and will usually post them in the applicable thread.

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The post will contain permits from the South Florida Water Management District. These are filed whenever a project will effect storm water control in some way, for example creating new hard surfaces like building or roads where there were not hard surfaces before. These permits are not as common but are normally for larger project and contain much more detail them the NOCs.
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