Peoplemover closed for refurbishment


I hope they got different people doing the train control than the monorail used......
Yeah nothing to do with each other. Monorail automation was Alstom.


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Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover now listed as under multi-month refurbishment
Literally my most favorite attraction in the parks. Maybe they’ll go quicker than they are estimating and they’ll have it open by 10/12.
Hope so!


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It's getting the love it has needed for quite a while.. It would be done by now if COVID hadn't eaten March, April, May and June like a puppy with a stack of magazines.

TTA will/is very visible from the TRON pad.. it was thought that it needed (correctly thought IMO) significant attention prior to TRON opening.. Imagine TRON opening with this giant sophisticated feel, with the TTA over in the corner like it's neglected brother just looking on...

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Is this going the way of the DL People Mover? I gotta wonder.
No, it’s just getting a refurb.
I’m just lamenting that’s I won’t get to ride it this trip.
They are replacing all of the drive systems, and that does take time.


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I think I get this....

Pretend that you owned a ride using technology & parts from the 1970's. It's not like you can go to Amazon, and get replacement parts:).
Folks, it's just OLD. It might be a better idea to gut & rebuild it. In a sense, it IS like the Monorail system... too old, too proprietary, really can not be maintained as is :(.
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