News People mover now reopened!


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According to the Disney Food Blog, it’s due to open on the 10th January. 😍

Let’s hope they’re right!

Yes it has been scheduled for the 10th for a while now, if it will happen or not is another story, it has been changed a lot of times.


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Do we have good odds that this Finally opens this week? Maybe it just me but, shouldn't this be constantly testing/running before it opens? I've yet to see that on Twitter or YT.


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I wonder why they didn’t take this time to update it for the 50th as planned. For such a lengthy downtime you would think it would have been the perfect opportunity. Yes COVID, i know, but still..

We won’t know whether or not any updates have been made to the scenes along the track route until Disney officially releases something or the ride re-opens. But designs were made.

The great tragedy of theme park design is all those beautiful plans that get so close but ultimately don’t get a budget approved.

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