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Paying with gift card at WDW restaurants


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Do ALL disney restaurants accept Disney gift cards as payment?? Such as ESPN club at the Boardwalk. We have the dining plan, but would just like to take our gift cards to pay for drinks or beer....thanks.


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that is what we did on our past trip, we had a gift card and put any appetizers, drinks, or tips that were included. We didn't have a problem using it anywhere and we ate at a wide variety of places, from CS up to Flying Fish! Its a good plan, and you don't have to worry with cash or keeping up with a debit or credit card!


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I will usually take all my gift cards and Disney VISA dollars and put them against the room charges at the end of the trip, that way I'm not carrying/worrying about them throughout the trip.
^-------- This.

I charge to KTTW then pay off with Disney Gift Cards the day before we leave. That way I can leave the gift cards in the safe and not lose them on Space Mountain. Again. Don't ask. I'm a klutz. :rolleyes:

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