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Paying off magic band with e-gift cards


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I am planning on purchasing Disney gift cards with my Target Red Card to save a bit of money for our upcoming trip. My plan is to use magic band for purchases, then occasionally ask the front desk to use my Disney gift card to pay off the balance. Has anyone used e-gift cards for this instead of physical gift cards? It seems like on one hand it would be easier because you can buy denominations up to $500 so I would have fewer cards to combine on the gift card website. But I feel like it would be a pain if I got a front desk employee unfamiliar with e-gift cards. Thanks!


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e-gift cards are fairly common these days, I doubt the CMs would have any trouble with them. You could also try my method. You can order physical gift cards from https://www.disneygiftcard.com/GiftCard , and they have tons of designs you're not going to find in stores. I picked out one design to serve as my "Disney Card" and ordered it with a $25 balance. Now whenever I buy other gift cards from the big box stores or get them as gifts I just use the site to transfer the balance onto my main card. It's like having a Disney bank account. Granted, each card can only hold up to $1,000, but it works for me.
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