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Maybe show the pedestal a little love?



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MK was always in the plan. That what was going to provide the income to do the EPCOT project. That is where most of the residents of EPCOT were envisioned to work. He made the decision to buy all that land so they could easily fit in what he wanted and keep it isolated, if necessary, from the rest of the world. Just because he wasn't able to actually see any of it through, does not negate the fact that none of the areas of Kissimmee or Orlando would be what it is today without one single person that had made a bigger impact on modern day life. Walt wasn't there to see it become the most popular vacation destination in the world, but he did build the foundation that it was built on and he did that while being dead for the last 55 years. What influence have we been directly responsible for in spite of being alive. The name of the place is Walt Disney World! Not Roy Disney World or Nine Old Men World.

I give Roy credit for going ahead with the plans for Magic Kingdom and being wise enough to know that the original Walt Disney idea for EPCOT was not going to fly and would have been such a drain on resources that it would likely break the back of the Walt Disney Co. I will agree that Roy does deserve a bit more recognition for that, but remember it was just about a month after MK opened that Roy, himself, passed away. Neither one of the brothers had a hand in what todays WDW has to offer.
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Disney World was Walt's idea. He formed fake companies and acquired the land - he used his plane to scout out the area. If he hadn't had the idea and done the preliminary work to acquire the massive amounts of land in Florida, Walt Disney World would not exist.
But he never hammered one nail or set foot in the finished park so he doesn't deserve a statue...🤦‍♂️

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I said the tribute in a park he had nothing to do with feels phoney and forced. Like it was done because they had to rather than a heartfelt tribute. Walt never walked Magic Kingdom's Main Street. It didn't exist when he died. It was still a swamp. There are no pictures of Walt at the DisneyWorld construction site. If so, produce it.
The tribute in the park that will be a laughable joke is the "Walt overlooking Epcot " statue coming to Epcot. Oh sure, we
all know Walts dream was a THEME PARK with a stream running thru the middle ( Coming attraction ) and a Roller Coaster.


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never said it was not his idea. I said he had nothing to do with the park as completed direction wise, creative wise, appearance wise.
If you think even for a moment that WDW would exist had Walt not had any intention/plans to create it, you clearly haven't the slightest clue about how Disney was run. The executives at the time of Walt's passing didn't even want to do it because Walt was gone, but were rallied by Roy, who himself delayed his retirement to see it through, and who was effectively responsible for coming up with the money for Walt and others' ideas. That's not to diminish his critical role in the organization (like Walt, likely none of present-day Disney would exist), but he was no creative.

By your logic, the United States was only built by those who survived the revolutionary war, because only those who survived were able to do the work of creating a system of government.
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