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Park Reservation Advice


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I'm a CM/FL resident. My mom is coming down to visit in mid-May and we'll be staying at Swan for a few days. She already bought her tickets and made park pass reservations (for Epcot and Studios, the 15th and 16th respectively) but I've been holding out hope that CM passes wouldn't be as heavily blocked out in May as they have been in April, so I haven't bought tickets for myself yet. I've been checking routinely to make sure reservations don't fill up, but it slipped my mind for a while and now HS is fully booked through May :confused: I saw it mentioned elsewhere on the board that as of today, there are still plenty of green days in May for passholders. If all the AP spots don't fill up, is there any possibility more reservations for Studios will open up to regular ticket-holding guests in the next few weeks?

Usually I just grab park pass reservations the day before or day of when I have a free day, so I'm not used to booking in advance & not 100% sure how it all works. I've done Rise before and wouldn't mind just hitting DAK in the morning and park hopping over to HS for our dinner reservation, but my mom hasn't been for a few years and I'd really like to get her on Rise! Kicking myself for not keeping on top of this, but I didn't think May reservations would fill up so fast a month in advance. Any help would be appreciated.

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