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Park Pass and Hotel Reservations


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I tried to find to search this but have not been able to find exactly what I am looking for or a clear explanation as to how this all works. So a few weeks ago I booked our stay at ASM with the ticket offer, and made ticket reservations for our stay in Aug. Today a new offer came out and I made a second reservation at POP (where we really wanted to stay) under the new offer however as I already have park reservations I did not make any additional. My question is if I cancel my ASM reservation will I have to rebook my park passes or will they hold and will they link to the tickets I have under the new package?
You will not lose your park pass reservations.
Yup. We originally booked a trip for this past April and then canceled it in January or February. A week before our trip would have happened I got an email from Disney listing my park reservations and reminding me of covid rules. I had to cancel the park reservations one by one. We had originally booked a hotel and ticket package.
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