Park Hopper add-on. What refund did you get?

Monica Horn

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Purchased 4 adult, 8-day hopper tix from UnderCover Tourist in 2/2020 to be used this Sept. UT recently instructed me to go to Disney for a refund of the hopper add-on cost.
I tried to get a refund from Disney today.
I paid $90 (per tic) for the add on at the time of purchase.
After the Disney phone CM "did some figuring", she wanted to refund me $40.35 (per tic) 😲
I declined and contacted UT again (waiting for reply- Monday they said)

$161 total refund on a purchase of $2055.... something seems off.
Did you get a refund of anything close to what you paid for the add-on?


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I booked through Disney and got full rate back when I adjusted
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When I changed my park hoppers to day passes, I had to look to see what the day rates were for the time we are going. So, we saved $172.00. The day rates was I believe $96.00 for Monday and Tuesday, $97.00 for Wednesday and Thursday and $98.00 for Friday.
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