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News Park attendance showing significant softness heading into the Fall 2018


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Word from inside the park is that there are signs of some significant slowdown in attendance this month.

Alarm bells are beginning to sound, with various areas being asked to trim back labor and begin cost saving measures.

For those of you who may not be regular readers, this isn't entirely new, and has occurred several times over the last couple of years.


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Don't post much anymore, but this made me think, also made me a bit annoyed.

So attendance predictions look "soft" ok....

What does TDO do? Cut back labor, tighten up budgets, make an empty park feel fuller. Great! And, now, if their predictions are off, then this "optimized staffing" will make for a nightmare-ish park experience.

Wouldn't the better move be to fully staff and operate the parks. If attendance is soft, great, all the guests get a wonderful experience, making them more likely to return. Doesn't that seem like the better long term strategery?

Also, maybe it would help to give folks a reason to visit outside of whatever current festival Epcot is running and sundry after hour "parties" that effectively double the cost of your day at MK? I dunno...

Call me crazy.

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