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The last time we were at Magic Kingdom, our family was making guesses at how many people were in the park that day... it was pretty crowded. How many people are allowed in to each of the parks??

Magic Kingdom
Animal Kingdom

>> I don't know the answer... does anyone know?? Thanks!:)


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:sohappy: I think that it is around 10,000. If you ever find out please post back here!:confused:


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I had read one time that the record crowd at MK was about 92,000 for NYE in 1982 (the year Epcot opened).

If you just look at the averages in 2003:

MK 14,000,000 = 38,356 per day
EP 8,600,000 = 23,561 per day
MGM 7,800,000 = 21,369 per day
DAK 7,300,000 = 20,000 per day

Now, take into account the peak and valleys, you will see that the parks can handle a lot of ppl.

Also, in 1997, MK had about 17,000,000 visitors, almost 50,000 per day
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