Parents need a break too.


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Make sure if you have kids that you use the Babysitter services at the various Disney resorts. We used them during our visits when our kids were young and was a great time for mom and dad to go out for the evening. The kids were so excited after we got back that they volunteered to use thier own spending money to go back again (to the sitters)..... 3 kids cost us about $50-60 total and they were fed what we selected off the menu (all they can eat). Video games that didn't take any money to play, Big screen TV for disney movies, dress up area, craft area, when its late they all have mats, pillow and blankets til you get there. They are worth the time, effort and peace of mind. I maybe using them in 10 DAYS.......or may just drag the younger two along seeing how they are 15 and 12.... I forgot I have to plan a birthday in Disney....jr turns 18 while we are there.....again. How nice 3 times now he's had Disney birthdays.:sohappy: :sohappy:
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