Pandora vs Galaxy's Edge

Pandora vs Galaxy's Edge

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Pandora. I really enjoyed Avatar and didn't like the few Star Wars movies I've seen. I've just never been into the franchise.

Both lands are great. Galaxy's Edge is obviously a lot bigger and more immersive. However, I wasn't super impressed with Smuggler's Run or the food/drinks there, and because I'm not into the movies, the story part of it and the 100 gift shops are lost on me. Pandora is the more beautiful/magical land and has my favorite Disney ride - Flight of Passage (to be fair, I haven't ridden Rise of the Resistance yet). I enjoy the food and drink options in Pandora as well. I hope it gets a mini expansion one day! I can only imagine what a third Avatar attraction would be like!


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Pandora. While Galaxy's Edge is well done, I find it depressing and uninviting. I haven't ridden RoR yet, but I'm assuming it is very good, one of Disney's best. Still, I much prefer to spend time in Pandora. I love the lights and colors and sounds of Pandora, and the water features are amazing. Although it is a bit short, I enjoy NRJ, and FoP is one of my favorite WDW rides. I haven't ridden RoR, but a land, to me, is more than just its rides, and Pandora comes out on top.

Edited: for clarity. GE is not depressing, except how they cheapened out
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I love them both, and it took many visits of looking around and photographing them before they started to feel familiar. Galaxy's Edge has the edge for having more to see and do and having many different "streets", whereas Pandora is more or less just one big open area with winding paths around it, two attractions, and two buildings you can go into.
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