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As a result of our efforts to evaluate product offerings as technology continues to evolve, Pal Mickey, the interactive plush that was introduced in 2003 for use at the four Walt Disney World® Theme Parks, will be discontinued. Although Pal Mickey will no longer be available for purchase, the interactive plush will continue to operate in the four theme parks as they do today.
We anticipate the Pal Mickey plush toy to be available through the next couple months as merchandise locations sell existing items in stock. As merchandise locations sell through their existing stock of the Pal Mickey plush toy, the remaining Pal Mickeys will be available for purchase while supplies last at the following locations:
Island Mercantile at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park
The Dark Room at Disney’s Hollywood Studios™
Epcot Camera Center and MouseGear at Epcot®
Emporium at Magic Kingdom® Park
World of Disney® store at Downtown Disney® Marketplace


Nooooooooooooooooooooo. I was giving my BFF money to buy them for her children when they go to Disney next March. They love the ones my children have.:eek::eek::eek:


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Saw this coming. They normally released the new edition in October but here it's the second year without a new release.

Sad they didn't do more with it. It really was a brilliant idea. Shame they just let the concept rot and go stale. :(

RIP Pal Mickey!


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with the test of the Nintendo DS it seems that the Pal Mic just isn't where the market is
and with the new DSI coming in 2009 with better bells and whistles
Dig Camera, better chat tech and a bulit in web browser Pal Mickey just seemed a little stale. Not to mention its hardware Disney doesn't have to warranty if it breaks down

Oh wouldn't it be nice :rolleyes:


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I've always wanted to take apart a PAL Mickey and hack the voicebox. Give it a Stitch voice maybe. :)


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LOL...Seriously still plan to try to hack one and figure out the guts so that I could record my own Stitch vioce for the different triggers then stick it in a new plush and have myself a Pal Stitch. :)


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That is a bummer. I'm glad I got my hands on one before the announcement. I am actually trying to find the safari outfit for him which was discontinued a while back, I guess. If anyone can tell me where to find that outfit it would be much appreciated.

P.S. Yes, I am checking ebay


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I really never seen anyone using it. I never saw myself using it either because while Im walking around in 90 degree heat the last thing I need is something to hold onto...


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Well, I was just saved a ton of money. We were going to get one in February for our daughter. Guess that's $$ to spend elsewhere. Though, she loves Mickey so much, having a talking one would have been great.

Oh well.
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