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Pack n Play Fit


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Not sure if anyone has tried this... but we're staying in a studio villa at Poly in a week. And so our 15 month old can sleep better (she's used to sleeping in her crib in her own room). We were thinking of putting her pack n play in the just shower bathroom of the villa (Poly villa has 2 bathrooms) with our monitor in there watching her. Does anyone know if the pack n play will fit in that smaller bathroom? My parents are staying with us on the pull out so we don't want her waking them up is another reason we figured we'd seclude her there maybe.


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We stayed in a Poly studio a couple of years ago. I believe a Pack 'n Play would fit in either bathroom (the shower bath if you didn't plan on using the sink or shower, and the tub bath with room to spare).

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Well, you've probably already gone and tried it for yourself but this is possible. We put the pack n play that Disney provides in the stand up shower bathroom pictured above. We put his monitor in there and thought that we would be golden. However, the vent in the bathroom is motion activated. Every time he rolled around you'd hear *TICK TICK TICK VROOOOOM* as the vent turned on. It's not incredibly loud but in the quiet of the night it was enough to wake our little guy up. So that lasted just a couple of hours before we pulled it out of the bathroom and had him in the main room. Great for him as he had no issues after that but that meant mom and dad had to tip toe and whisper for the rest of the night. As always, YMMV


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To each is own I suppose.

The point is, that people are going in expecting there to be an issue before they even get there. Travelling with kids is not as complicated as some are making it out to be. Millions go a year, many with small children. If it was such a big issue with "fitting" the kids in the room, we all would be hearing about it all the time. A 15 month old child can sleep in the other bed and does not even need a pack and play.

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