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Trip Report Our Magical Thanksgiving Vacation


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I don't post much but thought the group may enjoy our Disney vacation video.

The Details:
10 people: Grandma (Living with Cancer), Grandpa, DH, Me, DD(8), DD(4), Brother, SIL, Nephew(10), Niece(8)

Thanksgiving break at ALK, Savannah View.

Our daughter turned 4 while we where there and other daughter turned 8 2 weeks before,

It was a celebration of life, love, and magic.

Hope you enjoy our short family video (5 min long)

Video Here


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Loved it!! Thank you so much for sharing!!


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Beautiful video! What did you use to take the video? Looking for a video camera.
Thanks! We used a combo of our iPhones and my husband has a Rebel Cannon T5i (I think that is the number he is on). The Rebel Cannon T8i is coming out soon and is rumored to have 4K video. He has really enjoyed the Cannon brand.
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