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Our magical, "Mickey dusted" October 2011 trip

We have been back for a little less than 2 weeks now. I miss it already, but hope that I can recapture some of the magic by writing this trip report. First, I want to apologize that the quality of my pictures is not up to par with some of the other posters here. I only have a point and shoot and do the best that I can!! Secondly, I apologize for the lack of food pics. By the time we got our orders placed for 7 people and got the kids settled down to eat, the last thing I wanted to do was wait any longer to get to my food!

So, on to the trip. We'll start with the basics. We were at WDW from Friday, October 14 through Saturday, October 22 and we stayed at All Star Movies. "We" is me, Amy, my husband Brian, my mom and dad, Logan (8), Lily (6), and Owen (3).

We started our trip with a 7 am flight out of Dayton on Friday morning. It is never fun to have the alarm go off at 3:30 am, but at least we knew we would be at WDW soon! The kids and I found the flight to be uneventful, but Brian thought there was too much turbulence. There really was next to none, but Brian hates to fly, so he will never admit that a flight was fine!! Unfortunately, the week before we left Owen began to pick up on Brian's reluctance to fly. We had several conversations that went like this:
Owen: How fast is the plane going to go?
Me: Really fast. That's why we can get there so quickly.
Owen: I don't want the plane to go that fast. Maybe it can go slower for me.
Me: You really don't want it to go slower or it won't stay in the air.
Owen: Oh! Okay!
We must have had that conversation at least once a day the week before we left. Luckily, he loved it once we got on the plane.

Once we landed, we made our way to DME and were soon standing before this sign

We had quite the trip ahead of us as we had to stop at Coronado Springs and both other All Stars before we arrived at Movies. It seemed to take forever, but I know it was just that we were anxious to arrive. Everyone was excited to see this sign

Once we got to All Star Movies, check in was very quick. Our rooms were not ready yet, but we were told they were adjoining rooms in the 101 Dalmations building and that they would text us when each of the rooms were ready. Our original plan was to head to DTD for lunch, but we decided to eat in the food court to see if maybe the rooms would be ready shortly. Brian and my parents took the kids to find a table while I went to get our MNSSHP tickets. Before I was even finished, Brian came and said that one of our rooms was ready, so we went back to our original plan and dropped our things off at the room and headed to DTD. We were greeted by this

We never did get a text about my parents' room being ready.:shrug:

We strolled on over to the bus stop and waited patiently.


We very quickly caught a bus and arrived at our destination.


I'm in! My wife and I just got back too. We were there 10/21 - 10/30 and I'm having a major case of withdrawals so your trip report will help.


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Once there, we quickly headed to Earl of Sandwich for lunch. It was crazy busy inside, but they got everyone through very quickly. I was impressed. I had the Hawaiian BBQ which was delicious! Brian also enjoyed his Club. The boys both ordered PB&J which was an interesting sandwich. It was served toasted, so the peanut butter had melted everywhere. I was stressed out watching Owen eat his and get it all over everything, so I couldn't help myself and I basically fed it to him. Lily got the grilled cheese and loved it. I don't know what my parents ordered, but they enjoyed it.

Then we were off to the Lego store.


We made our first purchases of the trip here of course!

We then quickly headed to





We made a few purchases here, but it was mostly a scouting trip to see what we may want to purchase later!

We of course had to make a stop here.

Then we decided to head back to the resort to get ready for our evening ADR.

We stopped on the way out for a family photo.


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We didn't have to wait long before a bus picked us up. Next stop was PI, where we had to change drivers. Our old driver was joking around and asked if anyone wanted to drive as he couldn't seem to find our new driver. We happened to be sitting in the front of the bus and he asked Owen if he wanted to drive. He allowed him to sit in the drivers' seat and honk the horn numerous times. He loved it!! When the new driver came aboard, he asked to see Owen's Mickey license. They were so good with him! And surprisingly, the other two did not say a word about them not getting to do it. I was so proud of them!

We then were delivered back to All Star Movies. We spent a little time in the rooms unpacking and organizing before heading back out. We spent a few minutes getting pictures of the 101 Dalmations building.


And I had to take this picture because I have a similar picture from our 2007 trip.


We then took a bus to Magic Kingdom and then took the monorail to the Contemporary Resort. We were too early for our ADR, so we took in the sights around the resort.





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We checked in early for our ADR at

We got our picture taken and were seated immediately.
We didn't even have time to get our food before we started seeing the characters. Owen's reaction was priceless. He kept calling across the room for the characters. "Hey Donald!" or "Hi Mickey!". Luckily he was not loud enough to bother any of the other diners, but it was so cute! He also kept getting out of his seat and dancing in between characters. He was so excited that he just couldn't sit still!





I, being such a huge Mickey fan, had to get my picture with the big man. In fact, Brian got upset with me because I wouldn't leave the table to get my food because I was afraid I would be gone too long and miss one of the characters as they were coming so quickly. I kept telling him to go ahead and get his food, but he refused to go without me. Of course I heard about this at every character meal the rest of the week!



It was a very enjoyable experience all around. We all felt the food was good that night and the interactions with the characters were wonderful. A great start to our vacation!!


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Your daughter's face in front of the Pirates statue is priceless! :lol:

I'm like you, I am so torn at character buffets! I want to eat, but I don't want to leave the table!

Keep it coming!:)


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I'm enjoying your trip report and your pictures are wonderful. It looks like your dinner at Chef Mickey's was fun. Can't wait to read and see more pictures.:wave:


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Your daughter's face in front of the Pirates statue is priceless! :lol:

I'm like you, I am so torn at character buffets! I want to eat, but I don't want to leave the table!

Keep it coming!:)

I'm not sure what that face was about! Thanks for reading and I hope to have more up later today.

I'm enjoying your trip report and your pictures are wonderful. It looks like your dinner at Chef Mickey's was fun. Can't wait to read and see more pictures.:wave:

It was really fun! Thanks so much for reading!


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Animal Kingdom

We were up bright and early today for our trip to


We were a little early for our ADR, so we took in some of the scenery at the entrance.


We then headed to breakfast at

We all really enjoyed everything we ate. I had their version of Tonga Toast, which I gather is nothing like that at Kona, but delicious none the less!
I thought the doors to the bathrooms were cute.


It was about 9:15am when we headed into the park. We of course had to stop for the requisite photo in front of the Tree of Life.



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Animal Kingdom

We then quickly headed to

for our 2 week adventure on

Here we are, ready for our adventure.

And off we go! We saw this hippo convention going on.

And we took in the beautiful scenery.

And we got to see the baby elephant.

We also saw numerous other animals.




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Animal Kingdom

Then it was time for

The kids enjoyed the gorillas best on this trail.

They also got to track a white rhino with this CM.

Next up was



We got to see these two while we were there.


The kids enjoyed all the displays and the petting zoo as well. I was disappointed that there wasn't a surgery or a medical procedure going on while we were there, but it was very enjoyable for me to get to see the facility. (I am a veterinarian if you were wondering why I would be so interested in something like that.)


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Animal Kingdom

The kids were getting hungry, so we headed to Asia to get FP for Expedition Everest for Logan, Brian, my dad, and myself. Then we headed to DinoLand and lunch at Restaurantosaurus. It was nothing spectacular and Owen slept through it, but it served its' purpose.

Then we went on the ride I wasn't sure if the kids would like.

Owen was still asleep, so my mom stayed with him and got this picture once he was awake.

Logan and Lily loved this ride. That was a big relief to me!
Here they are after the ride.

I guess Lily thought she was a dinosaur too!?!

Then it was time to redeem our FP for Expedition Everest. Well, Brian was not feeling well by this time (he was coming down with the cold that I had just gotten rid of before we left!), and decided he wasn't going to ride. So then my dad didn't want someone to ride alone, so he backed out too. I was hoping that Logan would enjoy the ride and want to go twice in a row.

So we quickly headed back to Asia. We stopped on the way to get our picture with the Mountain in the background because Logan was so proud that he was going to ride with me.

We also got the temple at some point.

By the time we arrived, Logan was really nervous and I could tell he was desperately trying to find an excuse to back out. He never came right out and said he didn't want to ride, so I just ushered him on as quickly as I could. I of course had to stop on the way to get this picture.

He loved it! And we immediately went back into the queue for another trip! On the way up the big hill he turns to me and says, "I don't really like this part because we are so high up." I told him that he got it honestly because Brian is really afraid of heights. I said, "I guess that means you don't want to look over the edge and see if you can spot Daddy." Well, he turns and looks anyway and then turns back to me with the most terrified look on his face. And this is the kid in the gifted program at school. I guess common sense has nothing to do with book smarts!!
Brian caught our train on the way down. We were in the second to last seat. (You can see Logan's yellow shirt and my purple top.) He was holding on for dear life! I could hardly feel my hand afterward.

While we were doing this, my parents had taken Lily and Owen to the Dino Digsite.

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