Pre-Trip Our family's first ever trip to Walt Disney World

Hello everyone,

Our family is visiting the most Magical Place on Earth for the first time this Friday June 17th through the 27th. It's been our dream to go to Disney World. We had planned to go a couple years ago but we had to put our plans aside due to the pandemic. Our time has finally come and we are so excited that we get to bring along two little ones since we first decided to go. I would love to share our experience as newcomers.

My wife and I love all things Disney. We are both Disneyland regulars and used to have annual passes so I am looking forward to comparing the two resorts. We have two under two so this trip will be less of trying to go on every ride and instead be more of trying to experience the resort. For example taking time to enjoy the sights and music while sipping our coffee, find park secrets, etc. We'll definitely go on rides but we are also aware we have two very little ones so we've tethered our expectations. So if there are any recommendations, I'd love to hear some since we are a few days out.

I've never done one of these before, but I'd love to give it a try! Anybody onboard?


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Can’t wait to hear all about it. There is nothing like seeing Disney thru your children's eyes. Have a magical time. You have the perfect mindset, take your time and smell the roses (among all of the other smells) 😁


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Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. You will make many wonderful memories with your little ones that will last a lifetime.


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We will be there at the same time!! We leave on Sunday, June 19-June 25th.


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How cool!!! So awesome to see some of you will be there at the same time!!
It's so surreal, our bags are packed already it's really happening!!😁😁

I most likely won't be posting a full trip report until we return but I'll try to give little updates if were not too tired, but with 2 little ones...😅😅😅


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How exciting!!!! Definitely take your time with the littles and keep the low expectations, and you'll be fine! It's always so much more fun to me to stroll and see all the little things than to rush to the next ride. Can't wait to read all about it!


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I'm in for your report - have an awesome time!
Where will you be staying - on or off-property?
And glad to hear that you're being realistic with your expectations due to the age of your kids. It's a lot to take in, especially for small children. Enjoy!!

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