Trip Report Our Dumbo Flew, Mickey Sang, 1st birthday Trip Report

Hi everyone! We are back! And I need to start by saying that i'm sorry for the delay in starting this Trip Report. To say life has been crazy since we returned from Disney is an understatement! So a bit of a spoiler alert from Day 4 of our trip. While on vacation, Niles, my wonderful DH, got an amazing opportunity for a job back in Michigan! We are going home! Next week! We moved out of Michigan 8 years ago...and now we are headed home. What a magical thing to happen on an already magical trip! And we also had Colin's 1st birthday party extravaganza this past weekend. So it's been a whirlwind over here. But now...its time to begin!

The characters: My DH and my son who is turning 1 on this trip
Where: Wilderness Lodge
When: May 31 to June 5
What: Colin's 1st birthday

Day 1 - May 31st
We flew out of Washington DC at the crack of dawn...literally! I loved flying this early with Colin because he went right to sleep just before take off.


Just before landing...someone woke up!


Colin is great on flights and he loves looking around at everyone. Thankfully, he sleeps most of the time! (Stay tuned bc that changes on the way home!)

We navigated our way to DME. Love flying Jet Blue but totally on the other side of the airport from DME. Here we are! Ready for Colin's 1st DME ride! I'm not sure who is more excited!


I'm not sure who is more excited!


We are here!


And now...we are home.


We checked in online but I always make sure I talk to someone at check in. I know there is talk to go direct to room, which is a good idea, but that just doesn't work for me. I like the process of being welcomed home. I like getting excited and telling the cast member why we are there and what we are celebrating. And we met Nick and Sam at the Wilderness Lodge this way! Nick was great and Sam was the manager. He over heard our story and said he would like to do something special and gave up a $25 credit so we could buy Colin his ears. And its always good to be connected with the front desk because you never know when you are going to need them. Like 5 minutes after checking in. We headed to our room - 6th floor over looking the lobby and we get there...and nothing. Magic Bands don't work. Niles headed back to get it straightened out and about 20 mins later, he returned. Apparently - and I don't fully buy this explanation - our magic bands didn't work b/c they were tied to our room keys from when we stayed 2007. huh? I don't even, I can't...I don't care...just get me in my room. While Colin and I waited...we snapped some pics!





We got it working and decided we need some food!

We headed to Roaring Forks and had some lunch. I can't remember what Niles had but I had the buffalo chicken flat bread and it was amazing! And then...I got the s'mores cupcake! Delicious!



Colin enjoyed his lunch! And can we talk about how cute magic bands are on a little kids! (this is the first and last day he wore this) :)



Chicken nuggies and grapes for this little nugget! A TIP - for all those traveling with little ones or ordering the kids meal. If you grab them a meal, grab a juice as the drink and stash it in the fridge for breakfast. The juice is way too big for him but it was perfect for Niles and I to share over breakfast.

After lunch, we headed back to the room to get ready to the hit the pool. Here's are room!




That's our little stroller inspector in the background!





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I did it!


Up next, Pirates. We needed an outfit change though b/c he was getting too hot in these overalls.

Thankfully, we kept with the pirate theme :)


Where are we going mama!


Did you hear that?


He liked it!! He never cried or made a noise actually. He did seem to enjoy it though. And now...he's officially a pirate!


Cutest little pirate this side of the Caribbean!



It was time to head back for a rest. We popped in to the Theater to cool off Colin could wiggle around. Well, hello Lady!


Off to the resort for a nap and a snack. Colin just got up from his nap so part 2 of MK to come later. :)


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I hope Colin is feeling better. And I hope the move is going on well. That video! Thank you for sharing such a precious moment with us. You had me crying right with you. I could just imagine all the emotions you were feeling at that time and when you finally got to ride Dumbo all together! Colin is just so adorable with his big boy hair now and big blue eyes. Looking forward to read more.

Doc Disney

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Ah ! That video was so amazing! That was definitely not ugly was just the sweetest moment and I thank you for sharing it with us! Colin looks like the happiest little boy :) Haircut looks adorable ! We are hoping to take my nephew to get his first haircut there as well!


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Oh my goodness!!! That video and those pictures melted my heart for sure. We can fully empathize with the trials and tribulations of years of infertility and finally having the family you always dreamed of. We've lived it, too. I don't think Colin could possibly be any cuter if he tried! There is no more perfect way to celebrate his first birthday than the Magic Kingdom. Thank you for allowing us all to be a part of your happiness!


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LOVING THIS REPORT! OMGosh, you child is just so precious, very photogenic! His just adorable! Looking forward to reading more! We hope to take our grandsons in October, one is two and the other is just now three months old. I know for a fact I will ugly cry at the MK! Our two year old is already a Beauty and the Beast fan and he thinks he can be Peter Pan, such a cleaver little guy. I can't wait to get him there and see his face when he see's the castle!


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I forgot to add one thing to the first half of the day. We did ride 7 dwarfs for the first time. I have to say....I am an old school girl and I prefer the original Snow White ride. I miss it. :( I did enjoy the 7 dwarfs ride ....clearly from this pic. :)


After a long nap, a little man woke up warm...and fussy. Uh - oh. It was nothing major, just a bit "over - cooked" with stimulation and with the heat, and probably a couple teeth coming in. We had dinner reservations at Crystal Palace and something very important to do. It also looked like rain so we decided to head to MK for dinner, and then just head home after. So we changed our clothes, filled up our waters, and headed out.



Now this next picture is very important. Its one of the most important reasons we came on this trip. Colin has a special angel baby protecting him. A birthday buddy. A guardian angel forever. His name is Henry. A bit of back story...when you open up and share that you are going through fertility issues or IVF, its amazing how many people share this journey and know this struggle. You meet amazing people, share stories and seek inspiration and strength from those around you, especially during the difficult times. A girl I knew a long time ago, reconnected with me through sharing my story. We had our lockers next to each other for all of middle and high school because of our last names. And lost touch after high school as many of us do. But we were instantly bonded again as she was pregnant with an IVF baby too! Her story has a much different ending. She was about 4 months behind me, so when I got a message from her on June 5th, the day after Colin was born (full term) that her baby Henry was born on the same day as Colin - June 4th. However, Henry was only 27 1/2 weeks. He faught. He tried. He is stronger then anyone that I will ever know. But Henry, at the age of 3 months, couldn't fight any more and got his angel wings. Several months after this sad day, I went to my mail box and Colin recieved a package. My friend knew we were going to Disney World for Colin's 1st birthday. And she wanted Colin to have something. Everyone remembers the first thing they buy there baby to be. And she also loves Disney! I opened the package and saw a onsie - this navy mickey onsie - the first thing she bought baby Henry. And she wanted Colin to wear it. So the following picture is for baby Henry and for all the angel babies.



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We headed over to Crystal Palace for dinner.

Check out my shoes!



My 1st Character Meal!


We were seated pretty quick but you can see from those rosey cheeks, someone is not feeling great. We gave him some Tylenol to help him out and he loved his water but he was not feeling dinner....and this, in hindsight, was not the best time to be meeting characters for the first time. But he did better then I thought under the circumstances.


look closely at his eyes :)


Back away from the piggies...pig.


do not make eye contact...


Then came Tigger...we did not care for tigger.


Then came Pooh...and mommy sang House at Pooh Corner...and they had a moment...




ahhhh Pooh!


and then Eeyore.



It had rained while we were at dinner - thank you stroller rain cover - and it looked like rain. We checked the weather report and it was 90% so we decided to head down Main Street through the shops and since Colin had such a BIG day, we headed home. Here are some things we saw before we caught the boat back to Wilderness Lodge.






Tomorrow...Animal Kingdom!

Thanks for reading along!


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The story about Henry brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely gift your friend gave to Colin. Sorry Colin didn't feel well at Crystal Palace. Glad that he interacted with Pooh! The picture of him grabbing Pooh's nose is adorable!


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Day 3 - Animal Kingdom! Time to Roar!

We didn't know how Colin would do today. We weren't sure if he was coming down with something or just being hot or teething or just over stimulated. And I was worried about him - that he would get dehydrated and too hot. We had the Mickey fan - the one that attaches to the stroller - and it kept breaking. We had gotten it a year or so ago and looked for a replacement but Disney no longer sells them and for the record...sells nothing that clips on strollers. Suggestion Disney...sell one that clips on strollers. We also had the fan and spray bottle but you can't let a 1 year old hold that and stay cool and it doesn't help when napping. So we made sure to have lots of water and the spray bottle was full and we had a screw driver from an eye glass repair kit to fix the fan that kept breaking.

We arrived at AK before park opening. It has been several years since I went to AK. Last year pregnant, we felt like too much walking, and the year before that was a short 2 park visit, so it had been since 2012.. I remembered, or dreamed, or just had total mommy brain, that they let you in to the park before the park opened up until the tree. But we were at the turnstiles for some time.




Here we are waiting in line to get in

Selfie time!

He loves his Nemo!


Some pics of the Tree.





First up - Safari



Not quite sure what to make of this whole thing...


Once we started to see the animals - someone got very excited!









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