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Trip Report Our Best Trip Ever *completed*

Who: Me, my husband, and our 3 kids (6yo, 3yo, and 1yo)
Where: Art of Animation
When: Oct. 25-31

Background: my husband had a conference in Orlando Oct. 23-25, so we were throwing around the idea of me joining him for a few days before or after, to go to Universal. (We both love roller coasters and the last time I was there was before Hagrid’s Motorbike and Velocicoaster.) But we weren’t able to find anyone to watch our kids around that time frame, so we decided instead to surprise our kids with a trip to Disney!

We booked at the beginning of September, which is probably the shortest planning time I’ve ever given myself. But this was also the first time not having any extended family with us, so it really didn’t require as much planning. We planned one day at each park, with a break day thrown in. We planned to rope drop as much as we were able and to buy Genie+ only on our Magic Kingdom day. We made just one dining reservation, at City Works Eatery, for brunch on our break day.

We managed to keep the trip a secret and my husband left for his conference on Monday, after telling the kids he’d “see” them on Wednesday. He had packed in a roller bag carry-on and taken as much of our kids’ stuff as he could. I was flying out on Wednesday, with all 3 kids, 3 backpacks, 1 duffel bag, 1 baby carrier, and a double umbrella stroller (and a partridge in a pear tree 😂)

In the middle of Monday night, 3yo randomly threw up a little bit, making me very nervous about the coming trip. I let her stay home from daycare on Tuesday, just as a precaution, and thankfully she was fine all day.

On Wednesday, I took all 3 kids to school/daycare as usual, but told them I’d pick them up early so they could see Dad. I finished up the packing, got everything ready to leave the house for a week, and picked them all up before it was naptime at the daycare. I didn’t want to interrupt their naps, so we left earlier than necessary, rather than waiting until after. We stopped back at our house briefly for me to repack 6yo’s backpack. She was oddly unsuspicious about me putting in her favorite stuffie, blanket, etc.

We parked our car and took a shuttle to the airport. At this point, they believed we were picking up Dad from the airport, and it cracked me up that they didn’t ask why we were bringing so many bags with us to do that. While on the shuttle, 6yo even told me next time we go to Disney, she wanted to fly (we drove last April).

At the airport, I was wearing 1yo in the baby carrier and made the other 2 ride in the double stroller. I absolutely felt like a pack mule with all the things I was carrying, but security went surprisingly smooth.

Once through security, kids started asking where Dad was, so I suggested we call him to ask. He was at Disney Springs having lunch at D-Luxe Burgers.

But we had actually arranged for a video call so that he could record us telling them where we were actually going.

It was so fun seeing 6yo working through the fact that Dad wasn’t here at the airport, but that she was still going to see him. She was especially excited about Disney, 3yo was excited but also asking to go potty, and 1yo was oblivious 😂
We ended up with way too much time to kill, but 1yo did take a nap in the stroller.

Once boarded, my husband sent me the following text “Y’all have a great flight! You can do this!” I had been super nervous about flying with 3 young kids by myself, so I appreciated the encouragement. I was pleasantly surprised that the flight went as well as I could’ve hoped. I was slightly annoyed when the flight attendant informed me I had to remove 1yo from the baby carrier for take-off and landing. I know I’ve done it before and said as much to her. But I of course complied. But she still came back, after I had taken off the baby carrier, to show me the rule on her phone. Overkill as far as I was concerned.

Anyway, while we were at the airport, hubby had transferred from his conference hotel and checked into Art of Animation around 3:30pm. We had requested a pack & play for 1yo, so he made sure it was set up and picked up our Shipt order. Drinking the tap water in Orlando has given me tummy troubles in the past, so we got bottled water, as well as our kids’ standard snacks of applesauce, yogurt, fruit snacks, & goldfish, and some pop tarts for on-the-go breakfasts. Oh, and some bottled Frappuccinos for me & hubby!

View from our room:

We had been scheduled to land at 8:14pm, but our flight was delayed a bit. By 9pm we were off the plane, had all gone to the restroom, and were headed to our Mears bus. The bus waited quite a while for more people to board and we left the airport at 9:35. I was glad to hear that we were the first stop! I think within 10 minutes on the bus, all 3 kids had fallen asleep 😂. I had packed some uncrustables for my kids to eat on the plane, but I hadn’t had dinner yet. So hubby picked up a kids’ chicken strips meal for me, and met us as we got off the bus.
We had booked a Little Mermaid room, for cost efficiency, but not surprisingly that meant we were about as far from Animation Hall as possible. It didn’t end up being a problem, as the giant characters and props kept the kids entertained all week. They especially liked the elephant graveyard and wanted to go through the cave every time we passed!

We checked out our room and quickly got everyone settled into bed since it was way past everyone’s bedtimes. 6yo declared the room “too Ariel”, but by the end of the week was obsessed with all things Ariel.


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Saturday, Oct. 28 - Magic Kingdom

Like Animal Kingdom, early entry was starting at 7:30 for Magic Kingdom today. We fully expected it to be crowded, since it was a non-party day and a weekend. So we decided to buy Genie+ and also try to make it for Early Entry.

I think I woke up before my alarm and went ahead & purchased Genie+ for $25 per person, hoping it would be worth it! I started getting ready, which successfully woke everyone else and we were out the door around 6:45am. I think our kids were confused by how dark it still was lol. We grabbed some pop tarts, other snacks, and 2 Frappuccino’s (in glass bottles) for our walk to the bus.

We got to the bus area at like 7:03 and my husband asked me if I got a Tron virtual queue. Ugh, I totally forgot while we were walking over and they were gone by that time. Oh well, I figured we’d be able to get one at 1pm and then it freed up our morning for other lightning lanes. I think I booked Jungle Cruise first but it wasn’t good until early afternoon.

It didn’t take long at all to get on a bus and I hadn’t finished my Frap, so I shoved it in my purse for the ride over. Each day at security, I was waved over to have my purse checked. It didn’t take long usually. But today, the person hesitated because of my glass bottle. Not surprisingly, they’re not allowed! I asked if I could just chug it and throw it away, but he actually offered me some plastic cups to pour it into. It took a few minutes to procure the cups, but I found that so thoughtful!

After my slight delay, we made our way into the park and down Main Street. We checked in at the Early Entry point and headed to 7 Dwarfs first. We hadn’t wanted to wait for this on our last trip, so it was a first for both 6yo and 3yo. You may be noticing a trend of us “letting” 6yo go first when doing a baby swap. Really, we just figured she’d handle longer lines better, and it seemed fair since she also got to ride many things twice! So anyway, Dad and 6yo rode 7 Dwarfs and the carousel in the same amount of time that I took 3yo and 1yo on Peter Pan and it’s a small world. Peter Pan was posted as 35 minute wait and only took 12. Small world was a walk-on, so that tells you 7 Dwarfs was pretty quick too!

It was so fun getting to ride 7 Dwarfs with 3yo - she giggled the whole time, including the moment at the end where she saw the 2 dwarfs dancing with Snow White.


I believe the other 3 were on Mad Tea Party in the meantime. We met back up for a potty and sunscreen break at the Tangled restrooms. We headed over to Sleepy Hollow for some fruit/Nutella waffles, which everyone enjoyed. I don’t recall if it was before or after this that we had gotten in line for Haunted Mansion but quickly bailed. It was just too long and not moving at all, so we decided to try for a Lightning Lane later.

We went over to Thunder Mountain and set up a baby swap, not using Lightning Lane yet. I went first with 6yo this time and my husband took the others to Country Bear Jamboree. He texted me, “what did I just watch?” 😂 If he had ever seen it before, it must’ve been when he was a kid.

When we swapped, I gave 6yo the choice of Swiss Family Treehouse or Country Bears, and she chose the treehouse. We had finished on Thunder at 10:06 and hubby and 3yo finished at 10:34. We felt like we were accomplishing so much already!

We sat outside the treehouse for a few minutes discussing what to do next. I got lucky and was able to move our Jungle Cruise LL up to about 15 min from then. We also noticed that Magic Carpets was reopening after being closed for a bit, so we all hopped on that before tapping in at Jungle Cruise.


As it worked out with the Lightning Lanes, we had to do some backtracking and rode Haunted Mansion next. Again the kids took it all in stride and weren’t scared at all.

We decided on lunch at Pinocchio Village Haus. We had mobile ordered a few pizzas and when my husband picked it up there was more than one tray. So they had one tray with a layer of food, then a second tray turned upside down over that, and a 3rd tray stacked on top with the rest of the food. (Hope that makes sense.) I thought it was quite resourceful. But it turned out the order was wrong. My husband didn’t get the meats pizza he had wanted (he’s still upset lol), but we also ended up with an extra cheese pizza. So guess it was kind of a wash in the end. It was almost 1 when we were finishing up, so we stayed at our table until we secured a boarding group for Tron!

Our next Lightning Lane we had booked was for Pirates, so we headed back across the park. Once we’d tapped in there, we booked Thunder Mountain so everyone could ride again. But we still had some time until that, so we headed over to the train first. We actually let the kids play in the old Splash play area under the train station until we heard the train arrive. We went around once and 1yo was getting sleepy. I asked my husband if he thought he could fit with both 6yo and 3yo on Thunder. He decided yes, so I skipped it to let 1yo sleep while we took another circuit on the train. He let me know when they had tapped into the LL and I booked the next one for Space Mountain.


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Magic Kingdom, cont.

1yo (still sleeping) and I got off the train shortly before 3pm and the other 3 were at the Splash play area again. We were trying to figure out the best way across to Tomorrowland when we realized we were getting caught on the wrong side of the parade! We scooted over to the boardwalk area and found a spot where we could see fairly well without getting into the crowds of people already camped out.



Once the parade had passed us, we made our way over to the hub, only to get stopped by the parade there too 😂

It was getting close, but we made it to Space for our LL and set up a baby swap. Hubby & 6yo went first again and I took the other kids on Carousel of Progress. 3yo is too short for Space, so when I joined 6yo for her 2nd spin in Space, the other 3 went on the People Mover.

It was almost 5pm and our Tron boarding group was getting close, so I wanted to stay in the area. We used the restrooms there and got in line at the Joffrey’s for a little pick-me-up. My husband and I had iced lattes and got the kids a lemonade slushy-type drink, which they talked about for days afterwards 😁

Around 5:30 it was finally our turn for Tron. None of the kids are tall enough for this one, but we set up yet another baby swap because we weren’t sure how long it would take for one person to get through. It did take my husband nearly an hour. I wasn’t feeling up for trying to take all 3 kids on any rides, but kind of regretted it by the end of that wait. We did spend some time using the fun filters that came with our Genie+ purchase. One of our favorites was the one that made them look like Genie. So we’ve got pictures of 6yo Genie, thumb-sucking 3yo Genie, and baby Genie lol.

Once hubby was done, it only took me about a half hour to ride. We both enjoyed it, but we probably wouldn’t wait more than 30 minutes to ride again. My husband was smarter than me and took the kids over to Mad Tea Party while I was on Tron.



It was pushing 7pm and we still needed dinner. I also wanted to make sure we took 1yo on Dumbo since this was her first trip. I was also hoping to get on Under the Sea since we had missed it last trip and because we were staying in the Little Mermaid room.

We had dinner at Cosmic Ray’s. My husband enjoyed his pulled pork burger and I had some sort of salad that appears to be off the menu already. It had chicken and I think a sesame dressing?

I had made another LL for Dumbo but by the time we were going, it really wasn’t necessary. However, when we went to tap in, I realized I no longer had 3yo’s magic band in my purse like I thought. It was just about 8:00 so the fireworks were starting while we were in line, but I was distracted filing an online report of our lost magic band.

That done, we got on Dumbo and it was actually really magical getting to see the fireworks while riding! When we exited, we sat on the low wall there and finished watching. Obviously not the ideal vantage point, but then we didn’t have to camp out for a spot and be in the masses of people.


We made another LL for Under the Sea, but again it didn’t seem necessary by that time of night.

This ride was so quick that my husband wondered aloud if we should ride something else just to avoid any crowds leaving after the fireworks. So he took 6yo and 3yo on the carrousel since 3yo had missed it this morning. While in line, they were chatting with a lady near them. At one point, 6yo told her she’s the smartest in her class and the lady said “oh I know! We moms talk, so I’ve heard!” So funny, considering I don’t even know if it’s true! Also, not sure how this came up, but 3yo told this lady that she had put her magic band under the stroller in the storage pouch! 🤦‍♀️ Sure enough, we found it later and I was able to cancel my lost item report.

In the meantime, I mobile ordered some treats from the Confectionery and started heading that way with 1yo in the carrier. When we all met up outside, there was a photo pass photographer available so we got some last-minute family pix in front of the castle.

It was 9:30 when we got on a bus - way past bedtime. As we kept doing “just one more” ride this evening, I kept reminding myself that we could all sleep in and relax tomorrow! I was and still am shocked at how long we were in the park this day, how many things we got to ride, and how well-behaved our kids were. The day was so beyond my expectations, that the extra $100 for Genie+ seemed worth it.


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Sunday, Oct. 29 - break day

I honestly don’t remember if our kids actually slept in today, but we did just relax in the room for a while and slowly got ready for our brunch. At 9ish housekeeping knocked on the door and we had to ask them to come back later. But we did leave the room around 9:30. Our reservation was for 11, but we figured we’d go early and do some shopping first.

We stopped for a few minutes at the giant checkers game near Animation Hall. Dad and 6yo started a game, but I had also let 1yo out of the stroller and she seemed intent on sabotaging the game 😂

We headed over to the busses and got on a surprisingly crowded bus to Disney Springs. Although I guess some of the people were actually going to Typhoon Lagoon. I was confused whether the bus was going there too or if people had to transfer to another bus at Disney Springs, because I’m pretty sure we saw people get off our bus and then turn around almost immediately back to the bus area. 🤷‍♀️

We only went to World of Disney and then quickly through a couple other stores. 6yo picked out a Lotso stuffie (complete with strawberry scent), 3yo got a giant sleeping Minnie, and we picked out some Princess bath toys for 1yo. I was kind of annoyed when I saw the Minnie stuffie at Target the next week for about $5 cheaper!

We made our way over to City Works Eatery and Pour House. I don’t recall if I’ve ever been to that end of Disney Springs…it felt like quite a hike from World of Disney!


We all shared the donut appetizer and ordered our mains. 6yo picked grilled cheese and the other kids shared some scrambled eggs. My husband enjoyed his old fashioned and chicken biscuit sandwich.


I got a mimosa flight and a breakfast flatbread. It was fine, but was kinda dry/chewy. Years ago I had a breakfast pizza, I think at Pop Century, that had sausage gravy on it and it was delicious. This flatbread needed some sort of “sauce” like that to make it less dry. Plus, my husband makes pizza dough at home and this dough wasn’t as good as his.

We came back to the room to rest for a while. We put a movie on for the kids - I’m guessing it was The Little Mermaid (or its sequel or prequel, which the kids discovered during this trip)

About 4pm, housekeeping still hadn’t come back, so we decided to call and then all go down to the playground/splash pad again. I told them we just needed the trash emptied (the diapers were accumulating!) and some fresh towels (since it had been a few days).

My husband and I hadn’t packed our swimsuits, because when we checked the weather ahead of time, we thought we wouldn’t care about swimming. We figured the kids could just play in the splash pad alone, without us needing our suits. But we had noticed that the Big Blue Pool had a zero-entry area, on the end closest to the splash pad. So this time, my husband let 6yo and 3yo play there too. They actually asked for life jackets when they saw them, so even better 👍🏻

After a little while, 1yo had fallen asleep in the stroller and I needed the restroom, so I took her back to the room. Minutes later, while I was in the restroom, housekeeping knocked and, when I didn’t answer, came in. I could hear their surprise at finding a baby asleep in a stroller but no one else in sight. I came out and we all laughed about it and I told them they could come in. I reiterated that we just wanted fresh towels and trash emptied, but they were a little more thorough than that.

By the evening, my throat was starting to feel a bit scratchy and I worried about our final park day coming up tomorrow. We had dinner in the food court, but I didn’t have much appetite. We all headed to bed early with the hopes of getting to Early Entry tomorrow.

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While in line, they were chatting with a lady near them. At one point, 6yo told her she’s the smartest in her class and the lady said “oh I know! We moms talk, so I’ve heard!” So funny, considering I don’t even know if it’s true! Also, not sure how this came up, but 3yo told this lady that she had put her magic band under the stroller in the storage pouch! 🤦‍♀️ Sure enough, we found it later and I was able to cancel my lost item report.

I think they may have met a modern Mary Poppins! ;)

mary poppins GIF


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Monday, Oct. 30 - Hollywood Studios

Thankfully, I was feeling well enough this morning and we got out the door before 7:30 (for 8:30 early entry). This was initially my goal for every day, when I thought all the parks were opening at the same time each day. But this was the only time we actually got to the park before it opened!


The Skyliner queue was over into Pop Century again but maybe not quite as far this time.

We had to wait outside Hollywood Studios before they started letting people in, but we were walking into Toy Story Land at 8:11!


We joined the queue for Slinky Dog Dash, which was wrapped out along the sidewalk, but I believe that was just because they hadn’t opened the actual ride entrance yet. We actually heard a CM telling someone we were in a good position to ride quickly, so when another CM came along setting up baby swaps, we decided to let 3yo go first with Dad.

Meanwhile, I mobile-ordered a breakfast Ronto wrap and walked over with 6yo and 1yo in the stroller to pick it up. I took a few bites of it until it was small enough to fit within its wrapper and then stashed it in one of the stroller canopies which was folded closed. I’m sure you can guess where this is going….

We walked back of to SDD, found a spot to wait for the others and ended up chatting with the same CM who had set up our baby swap. It was sunny so I popped open both canopies on the stroller, completely forgetting the food already, and dumped it right on the ground. The CM said, “oh no! Wait just a minute”, and walked away. My husband and 3yo came back before she did. I told him what had happened and that we needed to wait. As I suspected, she filled out a little form for us to get a fresh wrap.

6yo and I took our turn on Slinky while hubby went to get the food this time. We also decided to order some breakfast bowls at Woody’s Lunch Box, for the kids and to supplement our own breakfast. We did have to wait until they opened at 9, but when we were done eating, we had a quick wait at Toy Story Mania.

We basically walked right past Mr. Potato Head and grabbed our glasses. The CMs had me put 1yo on my lap, as opposed to sitting between me and 6yo. I think my husband gets annoyed that I always beat him on this ride, and I thought having 1yo might handicap me a bit. But…



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Hollywood Studios, cont.

I wanted to take 6yo and 3yo on Alien Swirling Saucers next, since none of us had been on it before. The wait wasn’t too bad and they both giggled through the ride.



It was probably about 10:00 now and they wanted their Dad to take them on again. I don’t know if one of the sides stopped working, but it took them 30+ minutes. I walked over through the Star Wars area, browsing the shops while 1yo fell asleep in the stroller.

We had decided that we probably wouldn’t bother with the rides in Galaxy’s Edge, given the waits, and our kids’ lack of Star Wars knowledge (yet). Instead I thought I might take the kids back to the room a bit early, to let my husband ride some more. Then when he came back to the resort, I would go back to the park solo.

Anyway, we were near Star Tours now and the wait time wasn’t bad, so Dad decided to go ahead and take 6yo and 3yo on. They were so excited to tell me that 3yo was the rebel spy! 6yo came back on with me and was disappointed to not be the rebel spy too.

Since we were right there, and we hadn’t met many characters this trip, we decided to meet Olaf next.

We then got lunch at Backlot Express. I think was the only burger I had all week. It was probably #3 for hubby lol. We enjoyed our Wookiee Cookie too, though maybe not as much as last time we had it.

We had been intimidated most of the morning by the wait times at Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. But we figured the best time to tackle it was now that we had cooled off inside for a bit and were no longer hungry. This was probably tied with the Safari for worst line. We were outside for quite some time and it was getting hot, especially with 1yo in the baby carrier. It got worse when 3yo asked Dad to pick her up and then fell asleep on his shoulder. But we made it and all enjoyed the ride. It was Dad and 1yo’s first time on the ride. I think 6yo got a kick out of learning she’d been on this ride but Dad hadn’t.

With that, we had accomplished everything we had wanted to take the kids on. But with how brave they’d been all week, we decided to give them the option of going on Tower of Terror, since 6yo and 3yo are both tall enough. This has been my favorite ride for a long time (though maybe surpassed now by GotG), so we told the kids that. We described it as kind of dark and kind of scary, but also kind of like being on a giant trampoline, bouncing up and down. They both decided to give it a go, so I took them both and set up a baby swap. Since 6yo had done Star Tours twice, we told her 3yo got first choice at going again if she wanted to. She did not 😂 They weren’t overly scared or anything, but 3yo was happy to give up the second ride to 6yo. We got some photo pass pix outside to commemorate and 3yo nailed it when the photographer told us to look scared lol.

With that, I headed out of the park with 1yo in the baby carrier and the other 2 in the stroller. I had them hop out before we went up the ramp to the Skyliner, so I could fold the stroller. Then I was able to still push it while folded and kept it that way for the transfer at Caribbean beach too. The kids got back in the stroller at the resort and the walk to our room never felt longer, without having Dad to push the stroller! At least one person commented on me being a “trooper” with the three kids.

Meanwhile, my husband was giving me a play-by-play, via text, of what he was doing during his solo time. He got in the single rider line at Rock’n’Roller Coaster and was on and off in 20 minutes. For Smugglers Run, single rider only took 11 minutes.

At 4:52 he got in line for Rise of the Resistance, which had a posted wait time of 90 minutes. At 6:30 he was getting briefed by Rey. We wondered if that counted as the “beginning” of the ride, in which case, the wait time was almost accurate. But when he got to the area with all the storm troopers, there was a big backlog of people there. “Seeing more prisoners come out of the ship I just left empty kinda ruins the effect”. It took another 20 minutes of waiting before he was in a cell and was finally done at 6:58.

I had been watching wait times while he was gone, trying to decide if I would actually go back to the park. The only things I still wanted to ride, like him, were RNRC and RotR. I didn’t care about Smugglers run. Well, RNRC was down on and off the whole time I was checking the app, and RotR wait time kept climbing. Add to that the fact that I was starting to feel sick again, maybe even like I was getting a fever, and I made the call to not go back.

Instead, my husband took some time to shop before he headed back and then he picked up a whole pizza at the food court for us. It was nearly the kids’ bedtime by the time we were having dinner, but it worked out and we all got some good rest.


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Tuesday, Oct. 31 - departure
I woke up definitely feeling sick, and I suspected it was Covid, based on how my throat was hurting. I was really nervous about how I’d feel on the flight home now, but we went and picked up some breakfast at the food court and I took some Tylenol to keep any fever/aches at bay.

We had a little bit of time to kill before our Mears pick-up time, so my husband tried to take 6yo and 3yo over to the Nemo playground, but it was being painted. I’m not even sure what they ended up doing instead. Maybe just revisited all their favorite Little Mermaid statues.

I happened to have a mask in my purse, so I wore it until we got back to our own car at home. The Mears bus picked us up around 8:30 and made several other stops. At one stop, they were apparently trying to wait as long as possible for someone who was supposed to be there. We overhead a guy calling this person after we left, telling them “we tried to wait, but you’re gonna have to Uber now.” Oops!

The airport and flight were much easier with my husband’s help! And apparently my Tylenol was helping because I made it home without suffering too much. We made it home in time for Dad to take 6yo and 3yo trick or treating in the neighborhood.

(Not pictured is 1yo who had a Luisa dress and stuffed donkey. She stayed home with me.)

Sure enough, I tested positive for Covid the next morning. Thankfully no one else seemed to get it from me and I was able to work from home for about a week. Funny thing is, I got Covid last time I was at Disney too, in April 2022. This time though, I didn’t even care because this trip was so great, it was worth it!

Final thoughts

I feel like everything went above my expectations. I fully expected kids to have over-tired meltdowns or urgent bathroom trips or whatever, which would prevent us from riding very much. But we did so much and really only had a few things we felt we missed out on. Mostly just RNRC and RotR for me. We also just discussed that we should have tried to catch Turtle Talk - I think that would’ve been fun for the kids at these ages.

The weather was almost perfect. Maybe a little warmer than we expected, but I don’t think we saw a drop of rain and we didn’t feel like we were melting all day.

The lines were tolerable, with getting there early and using baby swaps. I’m glad we used Genie+ for Magic Kingdom, but if we had more than one day there, we might not have needed it.

I liked Art of Animation for the fun theming and for the Skyliner. But I would pick Pop Century over it in the future, for the better price and now knowing that’s where the Skyliner queue forms lol. Honestly my husband would like to stay at a higher-end hotel, but I just can’t justify the prices. Maybe we’ll compromise with Caribbean Beach once we need a 5th bed.

A few minor regrets are not eating at more Food & Wine booths and not getting to see Spaceship Earth with the new lights. We missed that in 2022 as well. I’m just hoping the lights aren’t going anywhere, so that I’ll see them eventually! We will definitely be back, but it might be hard to ever beat this trip!!

Thanks for reading 😍


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What a brilliant report. Your children are a credit to you and your husband. So well behaved. Sad you got covid but thank goodness it was at the end of your trip.
Aww, thank you. If only they behaved so well all the time! 😂

Yes, I was so thankful the illness didn’t affect any park time. And really, I felt better by the weekend - I just avoided going out for about a week as a precaution.


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What a great trip report. Thanks for sharing. Your three princesses are certainly impressive. I am glad everyone is healthy again and hopefully you can go again soon!


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Oh my goodness, what a whirlwind of a trip!! I can't believe what little park commandos your girls are at such a young age. So much fun to see their reactions and you telling the story. Thanks as well for taking the time to do this - especially after coming home sick. I am one that misses the days of hand sanitizer and physical distancing at Disney :D I can't wait for the next report!
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