other optioins for wearing your magic band


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I thought I remembered seeing lanyard holders or something similar for wearing the puck of the part of magic band 2. What have others done instead of wearing on your wrist. I find the bands uncomfortable in the August heat and just wondering what else is out there.


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Disney makes a MagicKeeper Lanyard Clip: https://www.shopdisney.com/mickey-mouse-magickeepers-lanyard-medal-1428100

The Shop Disney Parks mobile app also carries the MagicKeeper Lanyard Clip in black, blue, pink, and purple as well as a Compass design.

There is a person on etsy that has created a 3D printed holder that will fit most watch bands.
I have this and it's better...Plus, I took off the Clip and attached to an ID Badge holder so I can just pull the string and let it retract back after I get it scanned in..CM's thought that was a good idea!
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