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Osborne Lights Officially Returning for 2015 for 20th and Final Season


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I'm not understanding that. Have you seen Innoventions and the pavilions surrounding FutureWorld? As soon as you walk away from the fountain, especially on the Land and Imagination pavilion side, there is nothing but empty walls and no decorations. No, you don't have the city building facades with their little doorways, but you've got lots of reflective glass, tons of trees and bushes, even a little walkthru garden that could be covered in a canopy of lights. Think of those two huge reflection ponds and what they could do with floating light structures (floating angels or Christmas trees).

Then you have that entire walkway from Future World to World Showcase. Where Lights of Wonder used to be. Those trees have a power supply available by each of them but not even a twinkling firefly light between them. Just a very dim white flood light. I do more with a $10 green spotlight and some icicle lights in my front yard... and I need to run a series of extension cords and timers.

If Imagineers were given the ok by execs, they could put together a very nice holiday light show in that venue. One that could be even bigger and more unique than what Osborne provided. There's far more space available in FutureWorld than SoA. Traffic flow can easily be diverted through and around both sides and into/out of World Showcase. (There are three pathways to World Showcase.) Just look what they have done in years past for the Flower & Garden festival.

And it would balance the flow of traffic after dark. Right now FutureWorld practically empties as soon as dinnertime hits. You have the crowd that just wants to do rides mobbing the pavilions (Land, Test Track, Mission Space), and the rest mobbing the countries. The gospel choir shuts down at night leaving that entire stage area empty. You do have the fountain to become your dancing spectacle showcase.

No it wouldn't be Osborne Lights. It wouldn't be Christmas in the city. It would be more like those light displays you see spring up in municipal parks around the country in December. The themes could center on Christmas gardens and Christmas future. And it would be far bigger.

Have any of you even seen what Busch Gardens Williamsburg does to transform their crowded, wooded, summer seasonal park into a winter wonderland? These are shots of ChristmasTown (my new favorite holiday destination)

For the record, Busch Gardens puts up 10,000 lit Christmas trees (all viewable from the train that goes around the park and is itself decorated and themed for it) and over 10 million Christmas lights. Granted they have a heckuva a lot more space than dinky ol' SoA. Just think what Imagineers could do if WDW execs would devote some of their precious park income to it. But no, instead they greedily trim budgets to maximize profits and hope to look good to the accountants who think they are pleasing stockholders. (As a stockholder, I can say I am most definitely NOT pleased. My Disney stock is far more affected by ESPN and entertainment losses than mediocre park profits.)
Some of us need to take Indy's advice (which is even more amusing post-Frozen):



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@BroganMc what you describe for Epcot is feasible, but it would NOT be the Osborne lights returning, it would be an entirely new installation created from scratch which is what WDWMagic was saying.
As Steve said, hopefully Disney will install another light show at another park, but it will not be Osborne Lights v4.

I haven't read all the posts in this thread so may have missed the subtlety of WDWMagic's argument. The post I replied to said it was impossible to put 5 million lights up in EPCOT. That supposition is just plain wrong. It is both very feasible and needed.

WOW! Excellent post with facts and photos to support your position. I love the passion. Bravo!!!

Thanks. Maybe the WDW monitors will pay attention and be inspired.

Some of us need to take Indy's advice (which is even more amusing post-Frozen):

Exactly what am I supposed to "let go"?

I'm not understanding your chastisement. I argued for a light display in another venue to fill the hole Osborne Lights leaves behind. I gave examples of what could be done. Should I just "let go" the desire for WDW to be an interesting place to visit over the holidays?

In case you missed my earlier post, I have let that go. That's why I won't be returning next NYE. Fortunately I have a holiday destination nearby to entertain me.

2017 I may return but it will probably be with my van so I can visit other non-WDW destinations.

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