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Orlando Theme Park News is Reporting Part of Tangled Area Now Open


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Yes, I saw that! Looks like we have some decent stroller parking again in FL (that area by IASW was the worst for stroller parking).


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SWEET!!! :)


IMO, the transition between the new Tangled area and the old Fnatasyland looks very awkward. I Hope this is addressed closer to the opening of this area


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There's a lot going on in this photo update since the last time I looked, the Tangled stuff looks great, and its nice to see the Mermaid buildings and the steel mesh for the Mine Train roick worck going in

-thanks for posting:)


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We are going in April/May. Here is to hoping the bathrooms are finished, and the rock work on SDMT is in place, just to get a good look at the final product.

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