Orlando International Airport testing radar-based crowd density monitoring to help passengers avoid crowded areas


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What a COMPLETE waste of time and money. If you are worried about the virus you should not be travelling, simple as that. If you are ok with the risks then go!


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I think that's neat.....surely there is more to it....and mass folks need help navigating things sometimes. Gentle reminders are not bad ideas.
I agree, it's pretty cool (pun not intended as it's using heat mapping). The problem I see with this is the colored signals are too easy to interpret as "green = safe" and "orange = danger". That's not the intent and one is only as safe as the people around them and how they practice the keys of not touching surfaces then their face, not constantly readjusting their masks, hand washing, etc.


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I'd say that if this had been something they could've installed early on in the pandemic, great. But if there's only going to be a real need for them for another 6-9 months, or even 12, was it worth the expense?

Once a sufficient level of the population is immunized, I don't see most of the general population worrying about crowd density any more.



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Not sure how useful that is. It's not like you have much of a choice as to where you'll be in an airport. You have to arrive a few hours early to make sure you get through check in / screening in plenty of time. Once past screening, where else are you going to go other than the gate? What else are you going to do? Wander around the concourses with your carry on luggage? Also, you need to be near the gate for any potential announcements. Yes, I'm aware you can get "Flight Delayed" on any time arrival screen.

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