Trip Report Orlando/Cape Canaveral Trip and Mask Compliance Observations - post July 4th

I thought I would give some highlights from our post July 4th trip to Florida from visiting my son in Florida. (5 of us total for the trip)

No issues on plane or airports with mask wearing or compliance.
Orlando airport basically empty. Very easy to get in and out.

Spent 2 days at Cabana Bay/Volcano Bay and then to Cape Canaveral area for 4 days
(personal opinion on doing non-water parks whether universal or disney - would be very hard with the humidity since mask got wet quickly from sweat and that was at 7 pm at just city walk)

Masks were being worn by over 99% of the people. Wherever we went, masks were worn by everyone and if not worn, they were not even close to anyone or just took off to breath easily. Even when walking beach, people did not have masks, but you could see the avoidance to stay their distance.

One hotel chain (economy type) in the area just announced they were permanently closing half their hotels due to lack of guests.
All businesses I went to, except one required masks and masks were being worn. I guess some areas still do not have mandatory compliance, but all but one business had signs saying compliance was necessary.
Saw quite a few of restaurants still closed or permanently closed. At city walk, only about half were open and not sure if all would open on weekend.

Attendance definitely down at citywalk and volcano bay but masks were worn by everyone and compliance was there as well as enforcement.
(Thought Universal was doing a very nice job and at Cabana Bay, you had to get a daily temperature check and at Volcano Bay, lifeguards enforced the 6 feet)
All hotels will have a problem as they increase capacity and try to conform with social distancing especially at pools. Cabana Bay experienced this over July 4th and had to turn away guests due to capacity.

Beach where we went was definitely down as in years past, but people were staying at least 10 feet from others even on the weekends. Beach rangers were also more visible.
Can see if you took a picture at ground level, you would think social distancing not practiced, but actually walking the beach to check out social distancing, everyone was practicing it.

We had a nice time, followed the rules and were cautious. Hopefully we are all healthy.
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