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For those who enjoy escape games or are just looking for one to try, this is a plug for Escape Game Orlando, situated on International Drive just a few minutes from Universal Orlando. My family of escape game fans visited this past week (we chose it based on its 5-star Yelp rating) and did two of their rooms, Prison Break and Gold Rush, and had a ball. As compared with our local (Rochester, NY area) escape rooms, some of which are from reputable nationwide franchises, Escape Game Orlando was a cut above in terms of production values, storyline execution and innovative, interesting puzzles. If you're looking for something to do away from the parks, it won't disappoint.

We booked ahead of time using a discount code from the "Visit Orlando" website (VISITORLANDO20) - the code changes every once and a while, but it seems to always be 20% off. We did our first room with the 20% off code, and then after we did the room, we were offered a second, 30% off code on-site if we wanted to do a second escape room that day, so we did! They even gave me a free T-shirt after finding out it was my birthday. :)

If you have another escape room in the Orlando area you'd like to recommend, please add to the thread with your thoughts. (No spoilers about individual games, please.)


Been to many rooms. For my money, you can't beat Escapology in Orlando. They are franchised in various parts of the country, too.
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