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Original Animal Kingdom Lodge vs. Jambo House Villa?

James Gavin

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Original Poster
During my honeymoon five years ago, I stayed at the original Animal Kingdom lodge, and had an amazing time. It was a lot cooler to watch the animals in the Savannah than I thought it would be. I think I want to surprise my parents this year with a stay at either the Lodge or the Jambo House Villas with a Savannah view, as they've always wanted to do it but can never afford it. I was wondering if anyone had some feedback about staying at the Lodge vs. Jambo? Any pros and cons? As far as seeing the animals themselves, is one better than the other when it comes to see animals. Also, my mother is handicapped, so if we stay at Jambo, is it going to be too hard for her to get to the restaurant or shopping in the resort? Honestly, I'm taking them more for the animal view, so any advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated!


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Having stayed at both houses many times, here are my takes on it:
Both houses have fantastic savanna views(Sunset and Arusha). So its a draw between the houses.
IMO, Kidani has the better pool overall but both pools have zero entry and are equipped with lifts for moving folks in and out of the pools.
Kidani has larger bathrooms.
Both houses have fantastic food offerings, Sanaa at Kidani and Jiko at Jambo, but Kidani does not have a full fledged QS food option whereas Jambo does in Mara. Kidani does offer grab and go breakfast items in the gift shop and Sanaa is tinkering with a breakfast offering too.
Both gift shops are very much accessible.
Kidani is the first bus stop between the houses and if you have a guest in a wheelchair I could see it beneficial having access to that first stop.


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I may be misunderstanding you, but I believe Kidano is primarily studio villas and larger rooms and Jambo is the Jambo is the main resort. We have only stayed at Jambo, smaller rooms, bit it is our favorite place that we've stayed on property.


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Two sections: Jambo and Kidani.

Jambo House is the original Lodge. It contains both regular hotel rooms, plus DVC Villas (Studio, 1- 2- and 3-bedrooms).

Kidani is entirely DVC Villas.

So whether you book AKL hotel room or a DVC Jambo House villa, you're in the same building, just different floors.


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