News Orange Garage secondary access into Disney Springs reopening


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Parking news from the Orlando Sentinel.

"A few changes and options are coming to parking at Disney Springs, particularly in the morning.

Starting Oct. 1, the Orange and Lime garages, plus the Watermelon and Mango surface lots will open at 9 a.m. for visitors.

But wait, there’s more, Orange Garage lovers. The secondary access from Orange Garage into the shopping area is reopening. Springs people call this the Orange Node, and it leads to the West Side walkway between Splitsville and Everglazed.

It will be like pre-pandemic times but with security checks."



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I didn’t realize that the secondary entrance from the Orange garage was closed. I swear we entered that way back in July.

It opens based on demand. So most weekend evenings or holidays it will be open but otherwise it is closed. It’s really hit or miss so I almost always walk toward the “main” entrance no matter what just so I don’t risk finding it’s closed and having to turn back around.

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