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So I was reading a running blog this weekend and noticed the author had scratched out the bib numbers in every pic. At first I was like “What the heck…” but then I quickly realized that with the number and the race name visible some psycho could look up the number in the race results and get the their name, age, and hometown. A potential safety concern for participants I guess. If runDisney posted a pic of you with your bib visible on their Facebook page would you be worried about it? Discuss.


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It's one of those murky areas. I'm not a huge fan of putting any more information out there than needed. (Hence my lab as my avatar and a complete lack of race photos) And I'm pretty certain that buried in either the online release, or the paper copy for bib pickup, we agree to release RunDisney from any and all issues, and give them the right to use your likeness for marketing purposes. Now just posting a random picture on Facebook wouldn't bother me too much as that is no different than simply being listed in race results. (Unless one happens to be a stunningly gorgeous women or a smoking hot man {Whatever your prefence is}) But if someone replied to the post saying "That's my son dreamfinder!" or something similar so one could associate a name with a face,
But at the same time, simply by posting the races that one has participated in, along with your finishing times, someone would only need to cross reference 2 or 3 of those races to match up names/times to figure it out.
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I don't advertise it or avoid it with race bib #s cause Im in the same camp of the information put out there regardless and its not that 'personal' of information (Heck even just knowing my name is emily and I'm from Florida and I ran the Marathon gives you a 1/17 chance of finding me with just that basic info-)

I figure with FB the whole first/last name and city is standard info-adding my finishing time doesnt really hurt :)

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