One way traffic on Seven Seas Drive this week


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Good job - but the bigger issue isn't being addressed. Seven Seas drive was built long ago... the TRAFFIC from WDW busses & events has gone up an order of magnitude. Eventually? WDW needs to bite the bullet & expand this to a four lane. Yes, I know - the drainage ditches are going to be a BIT*H to work with :(.

Actually, what they need to do is get moving on building the "flyover" ramp they've been talking about by the MK toll plaza.

The reason for all of the bus traffic is because Seven Seas Drive is the only route from the MK to the resorts and parks south of there. There was talk of adding a single-lane ramp that would allow southbound traffic to continue south to where the "jughandle" to Vista Blvd is now. A new, long overpass would bring the traffic over the incoming parking lot traffic and connect to World Drive southbound beyond the toll plaza.

Once that is built, the only traffic remaining on Seven Seas would pretty much be traffic heading to/from the Polynesian, GF and Shades of Green.



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I've never really struggled there. Most traffic is from cast crossing the street and at that point it really doesn't matter how many lanes you have.

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