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One Sentence Competition: Summer Fun


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Walt's Legacy Diner

Replacing Jock Lindsey's Diner is a new restaurant devoted to the life and times of Walter Elias Disney. Here, guests can be immersed in different dining rooms ranging from the 1920s to the 1960s, all of which have Walt Disney mementos, and feast on some of Walt's favorite food.

Bonus: Oswald the Lucky Salad.

Rich with vegetable ears resembling Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's, this is sure to knock your tastebuds off. It also features lettuce, carrots, crutons, and other small vegetables.


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The Lion & Unicorn Inn
Though technically a part of The Landing, this inn converted from an old watermill is on its own manmade island; unlike the Preston Watermill it is modeled after; just off the bridge between the Landing and the Marketplace onto the water. Upon being passing beneath the titular lion and unicorn on the arch leading to the mill’s bridge, patrons would be seated either on the terrace in the back or inside among relics from the mill’s working years as well as artifacts and short stories coming from northern England and Scotland and dine on traditional pub fare and comfort foods as well as brews imported from that part of Britain in a warm and jolly atmosphere.
Grasmere Gingerbread Ice Cream

Hailing from the little village of the same name, this Lake District classic has always been beloved for its sweet-spicy flavor and crumbly texture, and so The Lion & Unicorn has it captured in ice cream form with bits of gingerbread biscuit mixed in and served in a decorative bowl; depicting famous sights from Cumbria of course; with a slice of the shortbread as a topping or alternatively, a brownie as an homage to the fabled housekeeping creature of the same name; despite this beloved dessert not being from Britain.
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It's not really "new" per se, but rather an improved version of something preexisting, which does not exist anymore, but will come back in a big way. I got it from a video on the subject by Rob Plays/Midway To Main Street...

House of Mouse

Located near the World of Disney store, the famous supper club of TV fame is a new Disney-themed fast food place similar to the likes of McDonalds, but more health-focused and all very Disney-related. The ultimate in character dining, you can not only meet all your favorite Disney characters, but the choice of foods are also Disney-themed, including the Meatless Mickey Burger, the Lean-Beef Goofy Burger, Pluto's Hot Diggity Dogs (100% turkey), Pinocchio's Pizza (comes in your choice of cheese, veggie or BBQ), Salads In Wonderland, Lumiere's PB&J Handwich (a crepe stuffed with peanut butter, jelly and banana), Figaro's French Fries (no sodium), Donald Duck Orange Juice, Mickey Mouse Fruit Punch, Goofy Tropical Punch, Bibbidi Bobbidi Beverages, the Chicken Saladocious (a pun on "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"), and, for the kiddies, their choice of either the Huey (a Goofy Burger), the Dewey (a Hot Diggity Dog) or the Louie (a PB&J Handwich), all of which come with Piglet's Curly-Cue Fries (again, no sodium).


But perhaps one of the most iconic menu items here is Walt Disney's Own Chili and Beans, which is taken from Walt's own personal recipe for chili and beans, which were supposedly his favorite foods of all time, and features pinto beans, onions, garlic, chopped celery, coarse ground lean beef, and solid-pack tomatoes.

D Hulk

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From all throughout Disney Springs, the smell of an authentic backyard cookout, so rich in domestic nostalgia, draws diners to a mid-century suburban homestead where our squad of grill masters labors over an array of Webers putting meat and veggie to flame, just like dad used to do.

Inside and yet “outdoors,” diners find a midsummer backyard picnic in full swing, complete with retro-styled graphic design menus, tiki torches, June bugs, a modernist pool, Independence Day bunting, and all the tactile treats of a neighborhood get together.


Enjoy barbecue the Wesson wayTM with Whole Roast Pit Chicken, prepared over hot coals, slathered in homemade barbecue sauces derived directly from period recipe books, and served alongside a hearty selection of mouth-watering salads, cornbreads, watermelon slices, and Jell-O concoctions.​


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KC Logo.png
Its namesake oasis may come from the Beach Boys, but Kokomo Cafe is a product of Japan, inspired by their pop-up Character Cafes where limited run menus themed to popular characters and films spring up across major metros.

This casual table service spot — operated by Mitsukoshi — is equal parts oishi (‘delicious’) and tanoshi (‘fun’), and frequent theme changes will have locals and passholders returning again and again to enjoy the larger than life decor and colorful new menus.

Pixar KC.png

BONUS: Character Set Meal

If you’ve seen just one photo posted from Kokomo Cafe, odds are it’s been of the Character Set Meal, an artistic bento who’s familiar face changes with each new theme and is sold alongside a piece of limited run Kokomo merchandise.

Claw Bento.png

Disney Warrior

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Its namesake oasis may come from the Beach Boys, but Kokomo Cafe is a product of Japan, inspired by their pop-up Character Cafes where limited run menus themed to popular characters and films spring up across major metros.

This casual table service spot — operated by Mitsukoshi — is equal parts oishi (‘delicious’) and tanoshi (‘fun’), and frequent theme changes will have locals and passholders returning again and again to enjoy the larger than life decor and colorful new menus.

BONUS: Character Set Meal

If you’ve seen just one photo posted from Kokomo Cafe, odds are it’s been of the Character Set Meal, an artistic bento who’s familiar face changes with each new theme and is sold alongside a piece of limited run Kokomo merchandise.

View attachment 649474


Serving as a more fantastical counterpart to Morimoto Asia, this rustic tavern is a tribute to the "Walt Disney of Japan", manga pioneer Osamu Tezuka, featuring customizable ramen, yakitori, Japanese pastries for dessert, complemented by pop art of Tezuka's unique creatios.

BONUS: Astro Anpan

View attachment 649475

One of Japan's most iconic pastries, the Anpan, a chewy roll filled with red bean paste, is topped with chocolate hair and ice cream to resemble Tezuka's biggest character, Astro Boy.
Both of these proposals reminded me that I was this close to doing a Japanese-themed restaurant themed to a pagoda before I realized that it would be too redundant (in my opinion) to Morimoto Asia and Epcot, I even had an image chosen and everything
(sorry if I’m giving anyone ideas)

Chaos Cat

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The Bloodmeres' Dinner Party

Welcome to the luxurious but slightly ominous vacation home of the wealthy Bloodmere family, some of whom (the exact characters cycles per-meal) have come mingle with you all. But with a name with "Blood" in it, guests should probably be prepared to solve an... 'unfortunate accident" or two.

Bonus: Steak A La Sang

The Bloodmere family's signiture dish, a well-cooked, well-seasoned steak covered in... what we hope is red wine sauce.​


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Just a gentle reminder! There is about 20ish hours left to submit and/or edit your submission for thus prompt. Remember to have all submissions and edits done by Saturday, July 2nd, 10 PM EST (Walt Disney World time).​


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Design a new table service dining option at Disney Springs.

- You may use between 1 to 2 sentences and up to 1 image.
- If you breach any of these rules your project will be disqualified, and will not be counted for rankings nor will it receive a review from me.
- The deadline is Saturday, July 2nd at 10:00 PM EST.

K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple, silly. Try not to complicate or overthink things too much. It’s a simple, casual competition – there are no eliminations. Propose as you please, let your imagination soar!
Orange Bird's Tropical Getaway


Come join the lovable Orange Bird in a lush tropical jungle, full of food from all sorts of Tropical regions, such as Churrasco steak from Brazil, which is filet minon rubbed with sea salt on both sides and roasted on an open fire. Guests can also try the fresh, seared Ahi Tuna served with mangos and pineapples, Shrimp and Lobster kebabs, Crab filled tacos, and more tropical meals that will keep you wanting more.

BONUS: Dole Whip Boat

Of course, you can't see the Orange Bird without his delicious dole whip, but this dessert takes it the extra mile by giving you three servings of the delicious soft serve ice cream served in a waffle "boat".


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Located on Disney Spring West Side as part of a green initiative that will eventually overhaul the West Site into an urban horticultural landmark, this Greek inspired restaurant will 'serve' as the area's latest entry. Menu items feature Starters/εκκινητές such as Mussels Tsikoudia, Lobster Gyros, among others, with Entrees/εισόδους featuring Plaki, Shrimp scampi, and more, followed up by the famous Baklava dessert.

Seafood Tower
A 'build-your-own' option on the menu - guests can select up to 7 fish to be included in the tower, featuring options such as swordfish, halibut, salmon, shrimp, calamari, mussels, tuna, sardines, and more.


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woahhhh what’s happenin here
Throughout the summer there will be new prompts that encourage you to flex your Imagineering muscles to create projects that fit the prompt. The twist is you only have two sentences and an image to convey your concept. The competition is designed so you can and come go as you please with no real penalty for missing a few rounds as there will be ways to catch up later :)

Overall it's just a way to have some summer fun :D


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This restaurant will represent a cuisine currently basically nonexistent at WDW (at least to my knowledge) - middle eastern, specially Iranian.
Caspian will use a lot of colorful mosaics and archways to honor traditional Persian architecture patterns.

Bonus: Tadig

Caspian will serve a wonderful tadig as an appetizer, which is the crispy part of the rice, from the bottom of the pot, that is very popular in any Iranian household or restaurant.​


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OSC Reviews.png

With just having had dinner when I started these reviews, I can safely say I'm good to go as y'all have created some amazing sounding concepts with some very tasty menus! Great job to all who participated.

καλό φαγητό by @Disney Warrior
There has been growing demand for Greek cuisine over the years from guests with plenty saying they should add a whole pavilion at Epcot, and while this may not be a whole pavilion this is a good step to stave the requests. The beautiful architecture of Greece would add some great diversity to Springs. The Mousakka sounds delicious, and would be a great comfort meal. +1 Bonus Point

Mickey's Ice Cream Cake Factory (Sponsored by Carvel) by @DisneyFan32

While a table service is unusual for an ice cream store it does allow for families to ensure their ice cream is eaten right there and then, and not melted. The Disney shaped cakes sounds like a smash hit, but unfortunately I can't give you the bonus point as you used two sentences when only one is allowed for bonusses.

Tivan by @MickeyMouse10
Oh no! Planet Hollywood, how will I ever recover from losing the place that gave me food poisoning! This makes for a logical replacement for replacing the collector themed restaurant niche, and a benefit to this being in Springs is that the pesky Marvel contract doesn't apply which means the artifacts won't be limited to just the ones the parks would have access to! What I assume are animatronics are neat, and really would make this a memorable must do for all Marvel fans. Chitauri Leviathan sounds like a great signature meal, and is a great Eater egg for fans. +1 Bonus Point

Chantico’s by @cdunlap

Theming the restaurant around the Aztecs aids in setting this restaurant apart from many other Mexican table services in the resorts as guests are able to be immersed in precolonial architecture. The open fire cooking aids in giving the food a new flair, and flavor not seen at other restaurants. The signature meal sounds exciting, and I can see guests falling in love with it! +1 Bonus Point

Aunty Em's Gnome Emporium by @Evilgidgit

Another Greek table service, yet taken into a completely different direction which just goes to prove how diverse a concept can be. The in to Percy Jackson is clever given the fanbase of the franchise, and the upcoming Disney+ reboot now is a great time to utilize the IP. The American-Greek fusion allows for the foods to be more palatable for less adventurous eaters. The various offerings play into this fusion to a tee, and the Slice of Ambrosia sounds simply divine which makes sense given it was for the gods! +1 Bonus Point

The Mauve Manatee by @Brer Panther

This new table service sounds very lovely, and a wonderful compliment to the Floridian themed Disney Springs area injecting it with more Florida charm. The various characters and interactive elements make this a must do for guests, and elevates the meal into an experience. For a Floridian themed restaurant seeing a Louisiana style jambalaya is a bit odd, but given it brought over by a patriot of the restaurant it works. +1 Bonus Point

Tezuka Noodle Bar by @Solaris Knight

Taking on a more imagintastical approach with a Japanese restaurant is a smart way to combine cuisine with the magic of Disney, and diversifying from the nearby Morimoto Asia. The various colorful characters help in making this really pop! The menu concept itself sounds like a hit, and gives ramen a dedicated home at Springs which is a great move given its rise of popularity with the general population. The signature item is a great way to combine the food with the characters, and aid in creating a wonderful presentation for guests. +1 Bonus Point

The Great Movie Restaurant by @Tony the Tigger

Oh no, not Paradiso 37 going away! How am I supposed to live with one of the most lack luster latine cuisine going away forever? Oh wait I'm fine, never mind ;) Tying the restaurant into the next door Jock Lindsey's via the boulder is a great way to connect the two, and give more immersive Disney energy to the area. The restaurant itself is a great concept reusing plenty of past animatronics, sets, and even the ride vehicles gives this a unique feeling for a restaurant that'll be popular with regular guests and theme park fans alike. The signature item is really cute, and who can resist MULTIPLE dipping sauces? Sign me up for that yumminess! +1 Bonus Point

The Swedish Chef by @OvertheHorizon

A Muppet themed restaurant is a lot of fun, and would be a big hit with guests. The Scandinavian design on the outside, but I do wish it was carried throughout the menu with Scandinavian touches to American classics. However the Swedish Meatballs as the signature is an obvious must for any Muppet restaurant, and these sound just yummy. +1 Bonus Point

Walt's Legacy Cafe by @MagicKingdom4Ever

Replacing Jock Lindsey is surprising, but given that this is another excellently themed location I get it! The touches of various works from Walt Disney allows for the theme to be universally known, and not tied to a character some may not even be aware of. In addition, tying the menu to Walt's favorites is smart as guests always seem to love when Disney does that. The salad sounds very cute, and very Instagrammable which is a must for many restaurants now adays to stick out. +1 Bonus Point

The Lion & Unicorn Inn by @Suchomimus

The distinct architecture of the building helps to set this location apart from the rest of Springs, and continues to play into the storyline that this was once a city with many locations now repurposed. The details and carefully curated curious give the concept a lived in feel fully transporting guests into the story. The signature item sounds just delicious, and I for one can picture many ordering this on a hot summer day. +1 Bonus Point

House of Mouse
by @mharrington
From a concept standpoint I enjoy it as the House of Mouse while not relevant to today's audiences is a timeless concept given its classic Disney characters all coming together for a meal. The menu sounds like a great fit for families as it offers a little bit of something for everyone, and the character themed names really take the concept home. Walt's Chili seems to be a hit with guests now during the 50th so seeing it have a proper home makes a lot of sense to me. +1 Bonus Point

Bernice's Backyard BBQ

by @D Hulk

This concept seems to be on the in right now given the most recently announced concept for Disney Springs being a modern take on this gathering for a cookout vibe. This nostalgic feel is a great way to set this apart from the rest of Springs which mainly skews modern. The more accessible cuisine makes this a great for many who visit Springs, and the the signature dish sounds amazing I'd love to try it. The Jell-O concoctions scare me as I've seen some of them in videos, but either way +1 Bonus Point

Kokomo Café by @InspectorSpacetime

Porting over a well known and tested concept is a popular thing for Disney to do with Springs, and it was nice to see someone go this right yet embrace the creative side of it. The shifting pop up feel of the restaurant is nice, and is sure to keep guests coming regardless if it's their first or one hundred and first time. The Character Set Meal is absolutely adorable, and it's a shame we don't have more things like this in the states +1 Bonus Point

The Bloodmeres' Dinner Party
by @Chaos Cat
This themed dinner theater shows are popular in tourist destinations, and with Disney losing one with Spirit of Aloha's demolition it's great to see a new replacement come in to replace the hole it left. While it isn't the same concept it does keep the amount of dinner theaters at Disney the same which is great to see. Guests solving a murder mystery should ensure for a fun time, and a most memorable experience for guests. The signature dish sounds and looks fancy and exquisite, and tying into the murder was a nice touch. +1 Bonus Point

Orange Bird's Tropical Getaway by @TwilightZone

Orange Bird has been an excellent hit with guests for merchandising, and giving the character a more visible home (sorry Sunshine Tree Terrace) is a smart move. This gives Disney a home for year round Orange Bird merch while providing a space for a great new menu. The menu itself is diverse, and offers something for all tastes. The signature dish sounds amazing, and would be an instant amongst guests given the uniqueness of the waffle boat. +1 Bonus Point

Spitha: Seas of the Mediterranean by @spacemt354

First off, wow original concept art love to see it for a concept! First off I'm all for the untouched West Side to get more greenery as it'll add beauty to an otherwise generic city area. The vast Mediterranean menu is a delight, and helps to give the restaurant its own unique flair. The Seafood Tower sounds crazy, and as such a perfect for a restaurant at Disney Springs! +1 Bonus Point

Caspian by @kmbmw777

A Persian designed restaurant would add beauty to the resort that is currently not present thanks to its unique and ostentatious architecture. The food itself is great as it corners a market that is unrepresented with 0 Middle Eastern restaurants at the resort. The specialty dish sounds great, and something I have seen a few times but have to try! +1 Bonus Point
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OSC Results.png

As always this is a difficult process for me as challenge after challenge y'all prove yourself to be highly creative, and dedicated to your craft ensuring that regardless of the limitations your ideas shine through. I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for your continued dedication to having some summer fun, and remember it doesn't matter where you place. Just as long as you had fun with it!

OSC 4 - Honorable.png

For this challenge's Honorable Mention we have Spitha: Seas of the Mediterranean by @spacemt354 ! Spitha captures the spirit of Disney Springs by bringing with it a revitalization to Disney's West Side in a more organic and green look. The wide array of food to choose from as well aid in boosting this concept to the forefront of the Disney Springs dining options as it aims to please many guests with a selection of familiar yet exotic classics.

OSC 3 - Third.png

In third place we have Tivan by @MickeyMouse10 ! Transforming Planet Hollywood into Tivan makes sense given the display cases are already present throughout the restaurant. The various pieces Marvel memorabilia itself is very iconic for many guests, and even more casual fans may notice a few cool little details here and there. Guests would be wowed and encapsulated with all of the Easter eggs and things from the various films, and if there's one thing we have learned from the success of Avengers Campus and the Cosmic Rewind gift shop: people love seeing cool things they know.

OSC 2 - Second.png

In second place we have The Lion & Unicorn Inn by @Suchomimus ! The restaurant is full of little details that encourage guests to visit and immersed in theming of the restaurant. You maximized your two sentences to the best of your abilities making sure that they're chockful of information that helps for the reader to visualize themself within the restaurant itself. The food itself plays parallel to Raglan Road's Ireland offering more cuisine of the British Isles in a wonderfully themed setting.

OSC 1 - First.png

In first place we have The Great Movie Restaurant by @Tony the Tigger . The concept itself is very unique making this a distinct restaurant that only Disney could provide. I could see this being insanely popular with all forms of guests due to how unique of a concept this would be as it plays on the nostalgia that both the movies carry and the ride itself has with guests. While it may not be the ride itself, a restaurant is easier to maintain and change out if Disney chooses to do so.

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