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One Sentence Competition, Season 6, Episode 1 - The Soft Reboot


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Guess I just write that way naturally haha, if it comes off that way any tips you guys have? Writing well is important!
@TwilightZone writes day and night like they're running out of time!


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The Legend of Tarzan


In this epic indoor roller coaster, you'll feel as though you are the King of the Jungle as you join Tarzan, Jane, Terk and Tantor for a thrilling adventure through the treetops of the African jungle. Using a unique hybrid of suspended technology to represent vine swinging and regular coaster tech for the "surfing" portions, you'll dive, swoop, swing and spin through a highly detailed world unlike anything ever seen before in Disney park history. This is truly an adventure for all the "sons (and daughters) of man!"

Brer Panther

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The Lion King: Into the Pridelands
Disney's Animal Kingdom is lacking in family-friendly dark rides, and The Lion King fans have been begging for it to be adapted into a dark ride for years now. In this new addition to Disney's Animal Kingdom, guests climb aboard giant colorful bugs a la the kind Timon and Pumbaa snack on for a journey through the Pridelands as Rafiki retells the story of Simba. With advanced audio-animatronics, special effects galore, and (of course) all those memorable songs, The Lion King: Into the Pridelands is sure to become one of the park's most popular attractions!


Timon and Pumbaa's Wild About Safety Trail

If you look on mostly every WDW bus, or on the back of some park maps, or even what used to be shown on the WDW TV stations, Timon and Pumbaa's Wild About Safety gags are an ongoing theme to teach park safety lessons to kids from friendly faces.

Given the winding road yet small patch of land between Pandora and Africa, you'll transition to Circle of Life with goofy demonstrations by Timon and Pumbaa showing you how to act and how not to act in the park. While a fun and quaint walking trail for the park, this addition amplifies its importance with the growing concern for public health during and after this pandemic, so it will maintain a long-lasting effect while utilizing a vacant path for its purpose.


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South America

Located in the dense and expansive jungles of the Amazon lies Disney's newest expansion which includes: Alto's Churrascaria (Table Service - Brazilian Steakhouse), La Terraza (Quick Service - Columbian & Venezuelan Street Food), Otter Outpost (gift shop), a small expansion pad, and Amazonia: Canopy Crawl - an elaborate animal trail themed around an Amaozonian rainforest mountain.

Amazonia: Canopy Crawl is a large jungle mountain themed complex that takes guests throughout the Amazon rainforest starting on the forest floor of the jungle, and progressing upwards through this multistorey complex taking guests up through the rainforest passing the understory and canopy layer into the breathtaking emergent layer; the complex is composed of a mix of indoor and outdoor exhibits and paths. Guests will be able to encounter countless of iconic animals, such as free-flying macaws, jaguars, spider monkeys, harpy eagle, otters and more; a layout of the expansion via a map is provided below.

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The Chadwick Boseman Trail
The path connecting Pandora to Africa becomes the Chadwick Boseman Trail, named in honour of the late actor, creating a small outdoor exhibits and enclosures housing several animals from the environment where Wakanda is set to be built (just north of Lake Turkana, bordering Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and South Sudan). The main draw are a colony of black panthers of African origin, and smaller animals representing the neighbouring countries like bushbabies (Kenya), hyrax (Ethiopia), wild dogs (South Sudan), and the aardvark (Uganda). At the end of the trail is a small building hosting a tribute to Chadwick Boseman himself.


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Delta Dockyard is a spiritual extension of Discovery Island, cohesive with structures seen across the river, and has an intimate scale befitting such a small plot of land while still delivering on two key fronts for the park: ride capacity and things that stay open when it rains. An all new fleet of Discovery River Boats provides transportation to Asia and Discovery Island while dazzling guests with new set pieces, but the main addition is Seas of Wonder, a suspended dark ride combining Tokyo’s 20,000 Leagues’ ride system and underwater effects with Navi River Journey's awe and feeling of exploration. Guests behold expansive tanks of living creatures, from jellyfish to stingrays, crafted show scenes, like a pier of mollusks and seals during low tide, and animatronic marvels, including a life size humpback whale, bringing the open ocean, Earth’s final frontier, to life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.​
Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 6.11.26 PM.png


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Natures of the River


Tucked in the western part of Animal Kingdom is Natures of the River where guests can ride in a relaxing boat down a river that leads to Pandora. This D-Ticket attraction has a few animal AA's, a nice transition from Africa to Pandora, and a relaxing and quiet ride away from the madness of the park.​


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Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 10.14.25 PM.png

With a little rerouting of Backstage roads, a brand new mini-land/continent will be coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom, bringing more family attractions to the park as well as expanding the animal count.

In this new mini-land, guests of all ages/heights can ride the Wild Outback Skyfari (C-ticket), an outdoor tram taking guests through the Australian Outback, where they can learn about the different landscapes of Australia as well as see Dingos, Koalas, Kangaroos, Wallabies and more!

In addition, a new walkthrough exhibit is coming to the park, Nature Trek (A-ticket), allowing guests to explore Australia and its environment through one of two courses- the treetop or Ground Level!​


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A Walkthrough


Filling the space between Pandora and Africa is a small South-American themed walkthrough, set to Up's Paradise Falls. As you stroll alongside the tranquil path, you'll find scenes within the jungle telling the chronological tale of Up: beginning with Carl's House, stuck in the Jungle with deflating balloons (which can be explored in its entirety as an attraction of its own), meeting Kevin and Dug, a camp-out by the gang, their arrival at Muntz's cave, the defeat of Muntz with his zeppelin (forced perspective), and finally the whole gang overlooking a Paradise Falls sunset while the House slips away into the fog (screen) which is also where a designated meet-n-greet for Up characters is held.

This simple path will appeal to guests of all ages, providing something of interest along the winding path.


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Tamatoa's Walkthrough of Wonder

glow cave.jpg

To bridge the path between the fantasy realm and the rest of the park based in reality, guests will enter an "underwater" tunnel that starts in Tamatoa's cave where guests will see a life size version of Tamatoa himself. From there guests will pass the bioluminescent algae that Moana uses to trick Tamatoa into thinking a barnacle is the heart of Te Fiti. Exiting this fantasy realm guests then continue through the tunnel learning about all the other bioluminescent plants and creatures that the real oceans hold.

( inspired by my 8 year old brother who wanted to help )

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