One Sentence Competition - Season 4 Episode 1

Which Park Idea Would You Like to See in the Next Club 32?

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D Hindley

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Firstly, Merry Christmas!

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Presented by Volcano Bat

I am stoked to be your host…your ghost host. :joyfull:

For this episode of One Sentence Competition, we celebrate the start of a brand new season and a brand new Disney Year! Happy New Year…in 7 days! That will be our theme, the year 2018, as we spend 12 challenges traveling across 12 months and Disney’s 12 parks…over the course of maybe 2 or 3 actual months. (The faster proposals come in, the faster I’ll post additional challenges. We’re looking at a March 24th end date at the latest.)

Which park will be dedicated to January? To February? Et cetera? Stick around and find out!

The world famous One Sentence Competition is easy, fun and casual. For each challenge, pithy proposals only need to be 1 to 3 sentences (plus a pic if piqued). There’s no time commitment. Drop in one week, blow us off another, spend under a minute writing your proposal. What counts is the idea!

(Last season’s episodes)
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All this is entirely for fun. In each round I’ll be cruelly judging the entries, and awarding bronze, silver and gold medals (worth 1-3 points) plus an additional bonus point. It’s all just constructive criticism. One Sentence Competition is a great game for newcomers and old hands alike, so don’t hesitate to give it a whirl.

The very first prompt will be appearing promptly at midnight on New Year’s Day, January 1st (EST), to ring in the new episode/year. Which holiday will we be celebrating first? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Meanwhile, let the countdown begin!



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You know what, I think I'll give this a shot. Should be a fun time, this is my first time participating in almost a year, I think. :)

(Also, for those of you that were around, can you believe it's been 3 years since the first season of The Sole Imagineer began :eek:. Man, time flies).
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