One ride, one show, one meal and one firework show


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Kind of like the last meal before execution scenario. Forget the logistics of getting around the parks etc and name one of each if you had to pick as your favourite. And for the purpose of this thread we'll count Fantasmic as a firework show. My choices would be

Space Mountain
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
Character breakfast at the Garden Grill


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"One ride, one show, one meal and one firework show" is about all you get if you don't spend extra money for the Genie and Lightning lanes!​

(that's why I am not going to Disney on my next trip! The only thing we will be doing is MNSSHP-that will be the extent of our Disney segment!)

Orlando/Kissimmee areas have so much more to offer, it is a shame not to plan a day or two to explore life beyond the parks! Wild Florida south of Kissimmee is a nice animal experience that you cannot find at Animal Kingdom. From Giraffe Painting to holding and feeding exotic animals like a sloth or lemur monkeys to porcupines...its a different adventure for sure!
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Mickey's Most Merriest Celebration
Cinderella's Royal Table (for the atmosphere and because I could never justify the expense before!)
Fantasmic! (at DL if possible)


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Ride - Splash Mountain
Show - Dream Along with Mickey
Meal - Crystal Palace Breakfast (with Pooh's Puffed French Toast)
Fireworks - Wishes!
Parade - SpectroMagic

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Ride: Horizons
Show: World Showcase Players
Meal: (tie) Lobster Thermidor at Empress Lilly / Breakfast at Tony's Towne Square when Oscar Mayer was sponsoring
Fireworks: Illuminations
Parade: Electrical Water Pageant

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Ride: Haunted Mansion
Show: The Hoopla
Meal: Victoria & Albert
Fireworks: Illuminations with NYE tag
Parade: Boo to You with Maleficent

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Ride: Kilimanjaro Safaris (or Cosmic Rewind for a more traditional ride)

Show: Festival of the Lion King

Meal: Lasagna at Tutto Italia Ristorante (still haven’t made it over to Victoria & Albert’s)

Night Show: Fantasmic! (But Illuminations + NYE for an all-time favorite)

Parade: SpectroMagic (not a fan of any of the current parades)


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Ride: Can I time travel to the Jeremy Irons version of SSE? If not, Guardians or Everest for a rollercoaster

Show: Muppetvision3D OR The American Adventure

Meal: Trattoria al Forno (dinner)

Fireworks: Fantasmic (current WDW version)

Parade: Spectromagic

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