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One Little Spark - Discussion Thread

Pi on my Cake

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The One Little Spark Competition (Sponsored by Stealing Things) is a brand new armchair imagineering competition!

I have stolen the Dreamfinder's Ship which can take that one little spark of inspiration and turn it into wonderful creations. So, I'm looking for some creative, talented, and fun Imagineers to come on a joy ride with me and make some amazing things!

I'll drive the ship, you guys imagine the stuff!


This will be a team based competition that will take place over 10 scenes (each scene is a new prompt or round).

These scenes will be divided over 5 acts of 1-3 scenes apiece, and each act will have it's own overarching theme for the scenes within the larger story of our joyride on the dreamfinder's stolen ship to help keep the competition constantly feeling fresh and exciting!

For the most part, scenes are based around projects in WDW and other US Disney parks. But there will be a few rounds that branch out a bit or at least give you the freedom to branch out more!

At the end of each scene, one of two things will happen. After most scenes, the winning team will get a bonus! Usually some kind of small advantage or a small prank they can play on the losing team. Mostly just for fun. After some scenes, especially later on in the game (exactly how many depends on how many people are playing), instead of the winning team getting a reward someone from the losing team may be eliminated. But competitions and teams are more fun with more people! So, don't expect too many eliminations!

--The Two Teams--

Players will be divided up into two teams to compete against each other. Though, the main focus is having fun and creating awesome things more than getting tooooooo competitive.

In honor of the lovable dragon Figment, these are Team Purple and Team Orange.

both team flags.png

My goal is to keep teams together and not move people around too often so that teams can develop a good chemistry and maybe even a few friendships! If people do need to, for whatever reason, be switched around, it will be mostly in between acts.

While you will always be on a team together, you and your team may not always be working on a single project together. There are two different kinds of scenes in this game.

All for One: Group Based Projects will be more traditional team based game play where there is one prompt and the team will brainstorm and work together to develop one singular project together. All the team for one project.

One for All: Individual Based Projects will be feature a prompt where each member of the team will be working on their own solo project for it. These prompts will of course be simpler and less complicated since everyone is working solo. At the end of the round, the average score of all the projects submitted by a team will be the teams score. That way, if someone doesn't turn in a project, it won't hurt the rest of the team! Team brainstorming threads will still be sent out for these rounds and players are encouraged to help each other and brainstorm and talk about the project with their team! You are still a team even on the individual based rounds after all!

--Fun Focused--

The focus of the competition is on having fun and growing as armchair imagineers! I know fall can be a busy time with everyone back at school and figuring out their schedule. I want this to feel like something fun rather than a burden or a commitment you're saddled with. So, I'm taking steps in setting up this competition to try to make it easy for everyone to compete if they would like!

The first major step is that projects will not be judged on detail. I'm not saying that a team of 8 turning in a 5 sentence project would be a good idea, but the focus is on hitting the important notes and communicating your idea effectively rather than on conveying every part of the whole experience. A well written paragraph can go just as far as a whole essay. That being said, if you do want to write and have the time to write an 81 page Fantasyland Expansion, I will happily skim read through it! Nothing wrong with detail, just don't feel pressured if the team doesn't have the time. Same with using reference photos vs. original artwork.

--How to Sign Up--

Are you interested in joining me on this joy ride in a magical journey into Grand Theft Dirigible?

Sign ups start right now!

Just answer these three simple quick questions:

What is your favorite armchair imagineering project you've worked on?
What would you say is your greatest strength as an armchair imagineer?
What is something you would like to try to improve on?

The Competition starts September 16th, 2018!

The goal is to get 12 people, but the more the merrier! Or less works too of course.

--Theme Song--

What better band to represent the One Little Spark Competition, which was inspired by Figment the imagined dragon, than Imagine Dragons!

Let's do this! Any questions?​

Pi on my Cake

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Pi on my Cake

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I want to be on purple as well!
Awesome! Welcome aboard!

Fair warning, depending on how many people want to be on each team (especially more experience vs. less experienced players), I'm not gonna absolutely guarantee you and Fire Mountain will be on Purple. But assuming the teams would wind up being more or less balanced I'll definitely try to put people on the team they ask for if they ask for one!

Pi on my Cake

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