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Team Max Rebo Band

Things I loved: Good use of a currently underutilized section of DHS. Nice backstory on how Panel became the mascot for the restaurant. Fun inclusion of “back of the restaurant.” Creative menu items. Overall, a presentation that meets the project requirements.

Suggestions: The TV imagery looks pixelated more like early days of Color TV than the 4K resolution we’re used to seeing these days.

Team John Deere

Things I loved: Good backstory on how Jackie L became the face of the Cryptid Café. Nice inclusion of blueprint to show location. Nice image for restaurant’s interior. Creative sample dialogue. Creatively named menu items, and nice inclusion of food photos. I want to try the Huckleberry pie, but it isn’t a berry pie that is pictured.

Suggestions: Not sure how the “make it look worse” concept for exterior design will allow it to fit in to its surroundings. Is General Mothman (well done) the only “friend” of Jackie L to be included?

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Welcome to the fifth and penultimate act of the One Little Spark Competition 3!

This act will have 2 Scenes!

The Scenes in this act are about bringing all the skills you've developed over the course of the game together! The prompts are based around ones @Tegan pilots a chicken and @Pi on my Cake have nostalgia for and remember fondly. The projects that helped us fall in love with armchair imagineering and these forums. We wanted to take this chance to share what inspired us in hopes that it will inspire you too!

We are heading into the endgame now and rapidly approaching the end of the season! Only roughly half of the players currently in the game will continue on to the grand finale! With the departure of @spacemt354 and @D Hulk from the game, we will also have one final shifting of players from team to team.

Let's get some info on how the rest of the game is going to work.

Scene 9 will be a standard scene much like the rest of the game so far

Scene 10 will be the final scene with your teams and whichever team wins that round will all go on to compete in the finale

Two MVPs from the other team will be chosen based on their performance in Scene 9 and the season so far

Then Scene 11 in Act 6 will be our grand finale as players submit individual projects to determine the one final winner of One Little Spark 3!

Any eliminated players are more than welcome to stay with the game as guest judges! We would love to have you!

Real life event, scheduling issues, and availability of players may effect these dates, but here is the tentative schedule for the rest of the season. Please let @Tegan pilots a chicken know if you have any conflicts so we can try to figure out a good work around as soon as possible.
  • Act 5
    • Scene 9: March 10th - March 19​
    • Scene 10: March 20 - March 26​
  • Act 6
    • Scene 11 (Individual projects by the finalists): March 27 - April 9​

Scene Nine Begins Shortly!


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In short, Cryptid Cafe is really great idea that just screams like a fun place to hang out. I admit the backstory is a little loose and the joint would probably fit better in say Critter Country than DHS, but that's just me. Jack serves as a charming and certainly original character, feeling like a nostalgia hip of the hat to both Sonny Eclipse and the Country Bears, and I love the idea of making him as being performed by a cast member ala Mr. Potato Head. The menu sounds pretty scrumptious, though I do wish the other cryptids were a little more featured beyond being namedropped as the food items. Minor nitpicking aside, I really like this idea and it has so much potential!

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--The Set Up--

@Pi on my Cake - "Back in January of 2017 I competed in my first ever full sized imagineering competition. I had done the One Sentence Competition before and was already a big fan of this forum from that, but this was my first time in one of the BIG games! It was the Creator Games: Project Revival (which also featured inspiration from a James Gunn movie and prompts named after songs coincidentally enough). Some bts drama lead to the game being cut short, but I still remember it very fondly. Especially the Dog with a Blog Campground.

It was the second project and we were tasked to revitalize River Country and Fort Wilderness. Since we had lost the previous round, the other team got to pick one Disney IP that we HAD to include. They chose Disney Channel's Dog with a Blog.


So, we embraced the wacky. We all watched clips of the show and did some research and used the Dog's blog as our presentation. The family visited the campsite and blogged about it. So, we captured the "humor" of the show and used it to elevate our project. Plus, we researched how WDW handles family's vacationing with pets in real life and figured out creative ways to make our campground more pet inclusive.


It was a super fun round that I still remember fondly over 5 years later. It showed me what these games can be at their best.

The team came together.
We researched and learned new and exciting things.
We found outlets for our unique talents and passions.
We tried new things.
We found ways to incorporate what we already loved and cared about.
We had fun."

Team Drax Proudly Presents...
Disney's Critter Country Campground

Created By @RMichael21 @Pionmycake @Magic Feather @Honey Bee (Rebooted) @Angels and Disney's @DlpPhantom @David2319 @kmbmw777 @DSquared @AdventurerEllie and @orlando678- --- With Coaches @MANEATINGWREATH and @Sam4D23

"For your second challenge, Team Drax will design a complete revival of the abandoned River Country water park, along with a refurbishment of the Fort Wilderness resort/campground area and must creatively find a way to incorporate Dog With A Blog into their project"

Team Drax is thrilled to present the complete re-imagining of Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. Disney's Critter Country Campground will be a completely pet-friendly, critter-inspired resort, with new amenities and experiences being catered to families with dogs, cats and critters alike. With six different themed cabin areas, a re-imagined River Country named "Geyser River", and refurbished amenities, the newly revitalized Disney's Critter Country Campground will give guests a classic Walt Disney World experience, but at a modern standard. In addition, a state-of-the-art pet kennel, named Pet Pointe, will allow guests to drop their pets off either for the day (if you stay at a pet-friendly cabin at Disney's Critter Country Campground, your pets can come back to the cabin for the night!) or for the duration of your vacation should you stay at one of Disney's other resort hotels or in a pet un-friendly cabin at the campground.

Now where's "Dog With A Blog", you may ask? When given the daunting task of incorporating the Disney Channel sitcom "Dog With A Blog" into their project, team members decided that rather than shove the show into the
actual resort in an inappropriate place, we would creatively incorporate the property into our presentation.

So, we contacted Stan from "Dog With A Blog" and he told us that him and the rest of his family were heading to Florida for a Walt Disney World Resort vacation at the newly-opened Disney's Critter Country Campground. We asked if he could write daily blog posts on his blog and he loved the idea! In fact, he created an all new division of his blog. So, click the link below to check it out!

Thanks for reading!

--The Challenge--

Imagineers, your challenge is this:

Design a complete revival of the abandoned River Country water park, along with a refurbishment of the Fort Wilderness resort/campground area! The scale of both your revival and your refurbishment is up to you! Keep it mostly the same with some updates to theming or demolish it all and start from scratch! Here is some info on River Country and here is some on Fort Wilderness.

You have 12 hours to choose a Disney IP that the other team MUST incorporate into their project! You can choose ANY IP Disney owns that the other team will have to include in their project. How you incorporate the IP the other team gives you is entirely up to you. You can base the whole project around it or just do something very small. But the more creative you are with it the better!


--A Note on Judging--

A lot of you probably haven't been to the campground before. And you may not be familiar with whatever IP the other team chooses for you. But generally 15 minutes of research is enough to at least get a basic understanding. Doing that early on will help you out a LOT and make this scene way more fun! You get out of these games what you put into them.


Alright, Teams. Have fun! Go Create! Dream Big!

This is due on Saturday, March 19th at 11:59 PM WDW Time

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Both teams elected to create new mascots for Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Team John Deere

That Art Deco sign is brilliant! I really appreciate the detailed description of the building itself, coupled with the simple but effective blueprint style layout. Am I supposed to know what Cryptids are already? A little more backstory about who or what the Cryptids are would have been helpful.

Jackie L. is absolutely adorable!! More of Bee’s beloved character art! I love the banter present during the dining experience itself. That would be hilarious and I think a live voice actor is the way to go here for sure! Really love the in-universe nod to Gertie the Dinosaur on Echo Lake! I’m sure there would be plenty of other cool tie ins like that.

The space itself sounds really intriguing at surface level but I did find myself wanting just a little bit more detail. I definitely got the basic idea, and I think it works quite well in that area of DHS, I just wanted a little more. But based on what was here, and the sample image, Cryptid Cafe seems like a place I would really be into based on atmosphere alone!

Nice job on the creative menu item names! Classic stuff!

Great job!

Max Rebo Band

The backstory made me literally get watery eyes. I’m not kidding. Just thinking about this endearing little 2D penguin being stuck in a napkin until discovered by Imagineers,…take my money because you already took my heart!

Panel is so ridiculously cute! Brer knocked another one out of the park!

I’m really digging the different settings, they’re so different and somehow they just work. I wanted to see a basic layout but it’s okay. This seems like a fun experience having Panel “jump” from place to place. It’s not the traditional character dining experience, but I like it.

The menu is really well made. Love those wink and nod menu item names.

Very nice detail including different places Panel has popped up over the years. That just makes it more real.

I loved the presentation as a whole. The “back of the restaurant” gag was on brand and hilarious for this team! But, I will say that it was honestly really difficult to read at times. I understood the aesthetic you were going for, but maybe next time consider adding a black drop shadow behind the text just to help it read easier. First you make me cry with your character’s story then you make me cry reading your presentation! Kidding. But overall I loved it! Great job!



The Deadline for Scene 9
has been extended by 24 hours

This Scene now ends at
11:59 PM WDW Time on Sunday 3/20
Just throwing it out there to former John Deere, or any team that needs help, I'm available this weekend. I can't promise for next scene but for sure until the remainder of this one if a player is needed.

@Tegan pilots a chicken @Pi on my Cake

D Hulk

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Right up front, I have no firsthand experience with any of the WDW areas featured in this prompt.

Anyway…Cop Rock! It took a little figuring out, but eventually you evolved that poison pill into an overarching musical theme for your revamps. These past 24 hours were especially fruitful with the unexpected return of @spacemt354, who was able to revive your flagging energies with some desperate last-minute Imagineering. Most of what’s in the presentation was fashioned from scratch just today, if I’m not mistaken.

I must admit that I’ve never been a fan of these music-themed park ideas which everyone always bandies about. Music as an overarching theme simply doesn’t seem concrete or visual enough; it’s not something which suggests specific locations or architecture. The redo of River Country as Rock ‘n River Country confirms that. On a visual level, very little seems to be altered from the real world park with its rustic assortment of rockwork slides. There’s merely an overlay of odd symbols such as musical notes or oversized instruments. It’s all rather abstract, perhaps in that chintzy value resort sort of way. I will say, though, that the integration of specific songs playing throughout the park is well done. This almost feels like an interesting after hours overlay than a wholly up-from-the-ground new water park concept.

The Port Musicale hotel complex is a much more triumphant effort. Broadway musicals make for a surprisingly effective resort theme. It helps in this section that you’ve included plenty of evocative images to sell the Manhattan Art Deco elegance. @Shannoninthemagic has a noted passion for musical theater, if I’m not mistaken, and that passion comes across here. Amenities such as restaurants are given brief yet effective overviews. The Central Park retheme of the Fort Wilderness campsites is a little more awkward, like you’re trying to force together several things which don’t quite fit. It feels a little daft to decorate a rustic cabin to Hello Dolly, for example.



Okay, Maelstrom Beach is kinda a distracting name since this has nothing to do with Epcot!

The whole of Maelstrom Beach, as presented, feels like a water park adaptation of your assigned Alien IP. I’m slightly confused about what exactly this park is…what is its backstory, its setting, its target audience. There was plenty of fruitful debate in your PM about whether to do this indoors or outdoors, whether to do it as a boutique water park in the Galactic Starcruiser style, and I fear that the final presentation doesn’t address these intriguing possibilities.

That being said, there are a few distinctly ambitious aspects to the project which I’d like to call out. (Thanks for providing credits.) @montydysquith-navarro clearly put a lot of work into organizing the website. While the multitude of pages (and a few weird site redirects) made chronological navigation a challenge, its’ a strong effort. Similarly, the water slide descriptions from @TheOriginalTiki stand out for being particularly more fleshed-out than the other park features.

Those water slides are extremely well-themed, well beyond anything I think we’ve seen before in a water park. On its own, the alien queen raft ride especially seems like the best possible marriage of Alien and water park. I like the jump scares! I wish that the descriptions for everything else – for the pools & splash zones & dining & retail & amenities – were as lovingly realized. These were, in contrast, rather basic, like a single sentence given its own page about the presence of lockers.

The prompt also called for a total revamp of the Fort Wilderness area in addition to the River Country redo. All I see is a quick paragraph describing how Fort Wilderness remains unchanged. Did you all forget to do this?​

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