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One Last Time at Captain Jacks.

Todd L

Well-Known Member
Original Poster
Just made adrs at Capt. Jacks for our upcoming Trip.
Weve been a few times and have always had a Good meal that everyone enjoyed.

Sad to hear it will be gone with the New and Improved Downtown so We figured one more time for old times sake!!

I know its probably old hat around here but Ill miss that place .

I remember after a LONG wet day a few years ago, 7 of us went there in nice dry clothes and sat at a table with a great view and everyone enjoyed the food and the view In a nice warm room.

I wont pretend to know how much business they were doing but cant imagine the Numbers were great or It might have been included in the new plans.

I know we did a walk in there once and were sat in less than 15 minutes.

Oh well..

Farewell Captain Jacks!! My family and I will miss you!!

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