ONE if by Land, TWO if by Sea - A Combo Summer Trip Report


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We've now come to the end of the "ONE if by Land" portion, but there was lots in the works for the "TWO if by Sea" part of the trip.

July 4th-July 21st

I feel like so much happened in this span of time. It was a much longer window than I had between softball travel and family travel in 2021 (5 days, I think), but there was so much more that had to happen between trips. Covid testing was also a factor.

- July 5th- Sam went to the dr for the infection on her arm. I witnessed the most disgusting draining I’ve ever seen in person. :in pain: They also changed her meds. Her new antibiotics were every 8 hours. With the timing of her first dose, that set me up for 3:30am meds for her for 10 days as well as redressing her arm at least twice a day. It had only been a week since I had been relieved of this with Kendall, and here I was again. I seriously celebrated the last day of having to administer this regimen. Not sure if I've mentioned it here, but after going through the dressing care required for my leg from January through March, I have become quite a pro at dressing wounds. While it's an old picture, I was back in triage station mode.
- July 7th- This was the day our Covid testing for the cruise got turned upside down. Through the magic of Facebook groups, I learned that free testing was a thing of the past. Home proctored testing suddenly became the cheaper option (by about $340). I also got some clarification on when testing needed to occur. I knew it was 2 days before the cruise, but the earliest could be any time on the 22nd. With the genius of 24/7 at home proctored testing, we could test just after midnight on the 22nd. While it ate into my sleep time a bit (since we'd be hitting the road early), it meant we shouldn't face the risk of a positive test on the road...assuming all went as planned. It still wasn't cheap, but I ordered six kits (always should have backups in case of a faulty kit) and paid the $10 extra for expedited shipping (turned out to be wise, since they were suddenly running several days behind due to increased demand with the Federal changes).
- July 7th- I guess this was a big day for shopping. Today was also the day I bought all of the little helpful cruise doo-dads, like towel clips and the day I got everybody's clothes...well, for me and the girls. David would freak me out with last minute usual. Kendall was easy...she filled up my Amazon cart with anything of interest and then we spent about 30 minutes editing. I braced myself because there was now literally thousands in clothes in my cart and she's a bit stubborn, but things with her were a dream. Sam, on the other hand, hates anything but shorts and t shirts. We spent close to 4 hours fighting over dresses, jumpsuits, finding the right ripped jeans, and me losing my mind. Whew!
- July 8th- Kendall had been complaining of pressure in her right ear. It had lasted too long to be altitude related, so it was her turn at the dr. I thought it might be swimmer's ear, but no… she had an inner ear infection, like she used to get as an infant. So now she was on antibiotics for 10 days. Hers were every 12 hours, with her second dose being 11:30pm. I was starting to wonder if we were doomed for the sea part of travel.
-July 9th- This is when we went into sort of a bubble mode. I was so afraid of picking up Covid before the cruise and having to cancel. We started limiting our activities and masking up in KN95s. It was reminiscent of our actions before my surgery in December. The worst was animal shelter volunteer time. I feel like we've been triple digit heat nearly every day since mid-June, and unlike desert spots, ours comes with humidity. Kendall got all cranky because she couldn't do sleepovers and hanging out at houses with her friends. Sam was less bothered as she just skipped a bday that she would have been sidelined anyways since it was stuff she couldn't do with her boot.
- July 13th- This was the day of the epic meltdown with Sam's old team. It really had no impact on upcoming travel aside from trying to schedule tryouts, but I figured I'd share since I got into some of the drama in part 1 of this TR. It was ugly, but I'm kind of glad it happened, because it allowed David to see how many lies he was fed and how they couldn't even take ownership of things they said in front of the group. In any event, I was kind of happy because I didn't want Sam going back to these people under any circumstance.
- July 14th - Our test kits arrived! I was kind of freaking out because of their shipping delays, so this was a big relief. The tests themselves did create some stress for my dad. While we had previous experience with the Binax card tests, he did not. So this launched a lot of back and forth on instructional videos.
- July 15th - My dad started to panic again about Covid and started to propose plans for what we should do if any one of us tested positive. I know it was the stress talking, but he and my mom are the only ones retired and not having to schedule around kid and job stuff. There was also confusion over whether or not we'd be able to cancel or reschedule if we weren't the ones testing positive. Thankfully, we never had to explore any of this, but it just added drama to the mix.
- July 19th - This was a big day. We had an 8am at the pediatric orthopedic sports medicine dr for Sam. If all was good, she could ditch the boot and start conditioning for tryouts. It also meant she could do all kinds of things on the cruise. By 8:25am she was out of the boot and cleared! She didn't want any pics, so I took a pic of the lonely boot when we got home.
- July 20th - Aside from getting in a last minute visit to the orthodontist, today was the day to book our backup plan for Covid testing...ya know, just in case something was wrong with too many of our proctored test kits or the apps. After some deliberation, we decided Lafayette, LA would be the best spot for our backup plan. So, if any of the four tests went sour and the backups went sour too, we had four slots waiting for us between 10-11am at a Walgreens in Lafayette. The cost of having it done at Walgreens would be painful, but better to have a plan. We also had four non-proctored Binax test kits at home if we needed to use this backup plan...ya know, unofficially test before getting in the car to make sure we weren't setting ourselves up for hours of driving in vain. Still, Lafayette was only about 3-3.5 hrs away, so it wouldn't be like testing positive in FL and having to turn around.
- July 21st early in the day - So, here I am, wanting to take the day before travel to finish packing (I'd started days ago) and I have to go to the dr for me! I knew this was coming and I knew I couldn't back out, but going into MD Anderson right before vacation wasn't ideal. Still, cancer comes before vacation. Ugh. I'm assuming it's like this going into any big cancer hospital, but it messes with your mind. Thankfully, I got a clean bill of health and don't go back for another 6 months, but I still hated having to go. At least now I could go home and settle into day before departure prep.
- July 21st late evening - After realizing that we could test right at midnight, my brother and I chatted and decided to have him serve as a bit of a sacrificial lamb. He and my parents are on eastern time, so that means he could start testing an hour ahead of us. He and my parents really didn't need to, since they planned to drive up to Port Canaveral on the 23rd (they're in south Florida), but this way...he could give us pointers before the four of us had to do it. Around 11:25pm, he called me and walked me through everything we thought we needed to do vs. what he actually did. Sounded simple enough. At least my testing center was set up and ready to go.
- July 22nd MIDNIGHT - I was up first. I had EVERYTHING ready to go and it went about as smoothly as anyone could have hoped. The kids were a little more complicated (just trying to position both of us with the camera) and I sat by and mothered David through his LOL. By about 1:15am everyone had tested and we were all negative!!!! Next task was printing out all of our test results and getting screenshots of everything from EMed and Navica. After stuffing it into my documents case, messaging the family that we were all negative and would be heading out by 6am CT, and then it was time for some sleep. Alarm was set for 5:15am!

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