Pre-Trip One Girl, Three Nights, Four Parks November 2014

As the title sounds, this is a pre-trip report for my solo trip to WDW for a long weekend. This will be my 15th trip to the World, but my first time going alone and I couldn't be more excited to have a long weekend all to myself **shhh don't tell my husband that** :angelic: Thankfully my DH is perfectly okay with me going to WDW without him, his first trip to the World was with me back in 2012 and lets just say he didn't feel the magic so he was more than willing to let me escape to the motherland without him :rolleyes: So here's my plan to get every ounce of Disney magic out of such a short trip.

November 7th, Day 1:
Wake up around 3 am and leave the house at 3:45 to make it to the airport by 5. Thankfully my wonderful DH will be driving me so I don't have to worry about parking or paying someone to pick me up from our house in the middle of nowhere to get to the airport. My flight leaves at 6:50 am so I will try to get a few winks before boarding since I can't sleep on airplanes. If all goes right, we will be landing at Orlando a little before 9:30. I am not checking any luggage so I will be able to head right to DME and hopefully the wait will not be too long and I'll be on my way to Pop before I know it.

Check in at Pop and leave my luggage with the front desk if my room is not ready so I can head right to the Magic Kingdom. I have a lunch FP at Be Our Guest from 12:40-1:10 pm. I already pre-selected my meal, I went with the carved prime chuck roast beef sandwich with pommes frites and the master's cupcake, from what I've seen I will be getting the most from my one quick service credit with this meal! After lunch, I have a FP for Under the Sea from 12:30-1:30 pm and a Seven Dwarfs Mine Train FP from 1:50-2:50 pm. I'm going to use the FP's early so I can grab a spot at the hub for the Festival of Fantasy Parade which I have not seen yet. After the parade I have a FP for Anna & Elsa from 3-4 pm. Then I'll be making my way around MK going counterclockwise until I end up at Pecos Bill Cafe, where I'll be having dinner before the start of MVMCP.

This is my first time going to MVMCP and I CANNOT WAIT!!! I plan on seeing the Frozen Holiday Wish at 6:15 then try to meet the princesses with their princes and then head over to Tomorrowland and Circusland before getting a spot for Holiday Wishes on the end of Main Street near the hub. I plan on watching the second parade at 10:30 and then doing anything I missed until the party is over at 12. Hopefully the cookies and hot chocolate will keep me energized! :confused:

November 8th, Day 2:
I plan on getting to Epcot for park opening, ride Spaceship Earth and Living with the Land before my FP for Soarin' from 9:25-10:25 am. Then I'm going to head over to see Figment and then use my FP for the Seas with Nemo from 10:35-11:35 am. Then it will be time to use my last FP for the Epcot Character Spot from 11:40-12:40. At some point I want to check out Test Track since I have not been on it since the refurb. I'll be spending the rest of the day in World Showcase enjoying all of the F&W Festival offerings!! I have a list of must try's including the grilled lamb chops from Austraila, pork belly from Brazil, pepper bacon hash from Farm Fresh, pork sliders and tuna poke from Hawaii, shrimp tacos from Mexico, lamb meatballs from New Zealand, cheddar cheese soup from Canada, roasted duck in China, escargot from France, spanakopita and griddled cheese from Greece, cannoli from Italy, carne guisada from Puerto Rico, roasted pork lettuce wrap from South Korea, and the dessert trio. Of course there will be plenty of drinks to go along with these yummy munchies. :hungry: The F&W Festival is going to be my lunch and dinner for the day and I'll be spreading all of this out over about 9 hours so I think I should be okay (if you have any suggestions on something I missed, please let me know!!)

I don't plan on staying to watch Illuminations, instead I'm going to walk to one of the boardwalk area resorts to catch the bus to DTD so I can do some shopping. My DH and I just got married in August so I have to stop by the Days of Christmas shop to get a personalized ornament!! Then I'll be heading back to Pop after spending some time in the Marketplace and the West Side taking in all of the construction.

November 9th, Day 3:
I will be enjoying morning EMH at Animal Kingdom and heading right to Kilimanjaro Safari. There are not a lot of rides for me to do in AK, Expedition Everest makes me sick now and I don't want to walk around soaked after Kali River Rapids, so I plan on just doing a lot of exploring, looking at all the animals and the details I usually walk right past. I'll be having lunch at Flame Tree BBQ and then I'll be heading over to Hollywood Studios for the afternoon. I have a FP for Tower of Terror from 1:30-2:30, then TSMM from 2:30-3:30 and Muppet Vision from 3:30-4:30 pm. I'll ride the Great Movie Ride and maybe RnR then I plan on getting a good spot to see the lighting of the Osbourne Lights, which I've never seen before! The rest of the night is still up in the air, if I stay to watch Fantasmic at 8, then I'll grab dinner at Min and Bills, if I decide not to stay, I'm going to go back to DTD and grab something there for dinner, either at Earl of Sandwich, Bongos Express or Wolfgang Puck Express (opinions on Bongos or Wolfgang would be great, never eaten at either)

November 10th, Day 4:
My flight doesn't leave until 12 so I plan on grabbing breakfast over at Art of Animation so I can explore the resort a little. Then its back on DME to Orlando and back to reality until my next trip to WDW in December 2016 :(


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Sounds like a great trip! Have a great trip! We loved our meal we had at Wolfgang Puck Express. My husband had the pepperoni pizza and I had the bacon wrapped meatloaf. Both were delicious! We highly recommend it!


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solo trips are always great! Enjoy the relaxed bit of it, getting to do your own thing and really my favorite thing is people watching. :) I spent a lot of time at the parks last year solo because I would go over early before a shift would start.


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I recently did Food & Wine and most of what you listed are things that I tried and loved!!! The pork belly, carne guisada, and lettuce wrap were so delicious. And I want a lamb meatball RIGHT NOW. Have fun!!!

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