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Our family is flying down to FL to spend Easter with my uncle & his family. We are flying in on Thursday evening, March 24. We're spending that one night in Orlando, and then heading to my uncle's house to spend the weekend with them. We're flying out of Orlando very early on Monday March 28th. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for something to do for Thursday evening? What would you do if you had only one evening in Orlando? I will have my elderly mother with me also. Thanks for any suggestions!! :wave:


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I would go somewhere like Downtown Disney and have dinner and see La Nuba. Then of course there are all the other touristy things to do down International Drive. But if it was me I would just go to one of our many nice restaurants and have a great meal. Another option would something like the Dixie Stampede, I've heard its not a bad show and the food is supposed to be good too. Do realize though you are coming during the heart of spring break, this year its everyone including locals, which it normally doesnt around easter so anything you do is going to be busy! Hope you have a good time
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