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On layoffs, very bad attendance, and Iger's legacy being one of disgrace

chris p

Here’s the difference: You don’t have to wear a damn mask when you go to a waterpark. The masks are the single most annoying thing that people absolutely hate for their vacations. If you get rid of the mask requirements when you are outside, everyone will come back fairly quickly. That’s why the national parks are doing such amazing numbers this year. That’s why water parks are doing well. No masks when outside.
Nailed it!


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Wow. I've been on this forum since 2003 and I'm seeing some names here that I thought went the way of the dodo. And I am only on page 1


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Can you speculate on why attendance is so low? Anecdotally I know of four separate parties who cancelled trips due to the one park per day limit and the reservation system.

Expecting people to pay thousands and only get into the parks guaranteed for 3 days of their trip is lunacy. If they want people in the parks, OPEN the parks and resorts. This is not Ebola.

I'm simply not convinced the low attendance is due to covid. I've seen too many packed with people places.

this little thing called Covid. We had a trip in May and cancelled before Disney closed down everything and a trip in August that we cancelled. So yes, nobody wants to fly. At least I don't. I would fly to get out of this country though.

People want to stay local and if they are at a packed place then they are stupid. I would pick staying 6 feet apart at Disney over Walmart anyday.


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I think it’s best to assume every industry is getting smacked, and walk out the few companies that aren’t. Even the ones we hear are okay, have to be managing supply chain issues and labor costs that can’t stay like this without damage eventually. At some point the pain is going to spill into consumers, and all the online activity, home improvement projects, and curbside pickups keeping some things afloat is gonna run out.

Quarterlies are going to be interesting.

Stock market is not acting that way


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It was drastically reduced when most of it became Pixar place, and then eventually was abandoned altogether when One Mans Dream simply became part of Animation Courtyard.
That makes sense. I heard it called Mickey Ave long after backlot and streets were gone or at least walled off. Didn’t seem to fit at all. Thanks for the info.


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Its going to go on longer unless people get their act together. People are going to flip when they realize Christmas isn’t happening. You can forget Halloween. Target just cancelled Black Friday. The writing is on the wall and things are not getting better because this is something you simply cannot ignore and it will go away. It won’t fix itself.

At this point, companies are trying to mitigate their losses. As @pheneix is saying, it’s all about survival right now.

You are most definitely correct about that.


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Disney won’t run its parks at 25, 50 or even 75% capacity for long.

So there’s that.

Beyond covid...the economy was pumped up for 5+ years on nonsense - again - and Malibu Bobby had poured on unfettered price increases for a decade starting in the LAST recession...

We seem to forget that cycles cycle...nobody breaks the wheel.

Probably time to pay that bill.


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So I was going to make a thread about this, but I'll just put it here. There are several options being discussed with a decision due soon.

1. MK and MK resorts open only (most dire)
2. Rotating AK and DHS days open
3. Making Epcot an afternoon only park
4. Temporarily shutting down Future World entirely

I don't know of any plans at the moment to close all parks two days a week. It could be true, I just haven't heard that until this thread.
Isn't Epcot almost that now, with daily hours being 11am-9pm?

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